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Publications - 1997

  • Pre-Steady-State Kinetic Analysis of 2-Hydroxy-6-keto-nona-2,4-diene-1,9-dioic Acid 5,6-Hydrolase: Kinetic Evidence for Enol/Keto Tautomerization. I. M. Henderson, T. D. H. Bugg, Biochemistry (1997), 36(40), 12252-12258.
  • Purification, Characterization, and Stereochemical Analysis of a C-C Hydrolase: 2-Hydroxy-6-keto-nona-2,4-diene-1,9-Dioic Acid 5,6-Hydrolase. W. W. Y. Lam, T. D. H. Bugg, Biochemistry (1997), 36(40), 12242-12251.
  • Chemical and biochemical properties of 2-hydroxypentadienoic acid, a homolog of enolpyruvic acid. J. R. Pollard, I. M. Henderson, T. D. H. Bugg, Chemical Communications (1997), (19), 1885-1886.
  • Exploring the catalytic mechanism of the extradiol catechol dioxygenases. T. D. H. Bugg, J. Sanvoisin, E. L. Spence, Biochemical Society Transactions (1997), 25(1), 81-85.
  • Regiospecific ester hydrolysis by orange peel esterase: an undergraduate experiment. T. D. H. Bugg, A. M. Lewin, E. R. Catlin, Journal of Chemical Education (1997), 74(1), 105-107.