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ERA CoBioTech

Microbial conversion of lignin to monomers for bio-based plastics using synthetic biology (MILIMO)


Prof Tim Bugg, University of Warwick, UK (Co-ordinator) –lignin biotransformation

Dr Eduardo Diaz, CSIC, Madrid, Spain – microbial genetics of Pseudomonas putida

Dr St̩phanie Baumberger, INRA, Paris, France Рlignin characterisation

Prof Ralf Takors, University of Stuttgart, Germany – scale-up, biochem engineering

Biome Bioplastics (SME, Director Paul Mines), UK – industry partner

Nova Institute GmbH (Germany) – sustainability & life cycle analysis

MILIMO Partners Prof Tim Bugg (left), Dr Eduardo Diaz (2nd left) and Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner (Biome Bioplastics, 5th from left)

Aim of Project

Major unsolved problem in industrial biotechnology: how to convert aromatic biopolymer lignin into aromatic chemicals. Aim is to generate pyridine-dicarboxylic acids from lignin using metabolic engineering, to be used as monomers for polyester bioplastic synthesis.