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Publications - 2005

  • Expression, purification and preliminary crystallographic analysis of 2,4-dihydroxy-hepta-2-ene-1,7-dioate aldolase (HpcH) from Escherichia coli C. D. Rea, V. Fulop, T. D. H. Bugg, D. I. Roper, Acta Crystallographica, Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications (2005), F61(9), 821-824.
  • Lactone synthesis activity in a site-directed mutant of an extradiol catechol dioxygenase enzyme. S. Mendel, A. Arndt, T. D. H. Bugg, Chemical Communications (2005), (5), 666-668.
  • The Structure of the C-C Bond Hydrolase MhpC Provides Insights into its Catalytic Mechanism. G. Dunn, M. G. Montgomery, F. Mohammed, A. Coker,J. B. Cooper, T. Robertson, J.-L. Garcia, T. D. H. Bugg, S. P. Wood, Journal of Molecular Biology (2005), 346(1), 253-265.
  • Catalytic Mechanism of C-C Hydrolase MhpC from Escherichia coli: Kinetic Analysis of His263 and Ser110 Site-directed Mutants. C. Li, M. G. Montgomery, F. Mohammed, J.-J. Li, S. P. Wood, T. D. H. Bugg, Journal of Molecular Biology (2005), 346(1), 241-251.
  • Stereochemistry of the reaction catalysed by 2-hydroxy-6-keto-6-phenyl-hexa-2,4-dienoic acid 5,6-hydrolase (BphD). J.-J. Li, T. D. H. Bugg, Chemical Communications (2005), (1), 130-132.
  • Regulation and manipulation of the biosynthesis of abscisic acid, including the supply of xanthophyll precursors. I. B. Taylor, T. Sonneveld, T. D. H. Bugg, A. J. Thompson, Journal of Plant Growth Regulation (2005), 24(4), 253-273.