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2020 Publications

2. Polymerisable surfactants for polymethacrylates using catalytic chain transfer polymerisation (CCTP) combined with sulfur free-RAFT in emulsion polymerisation
Shegiwal, A; Wemyss, A.M.; Liarou, E; Town, J; Patias, G; Atkins, C.J.; Marathianos, A; Lester, D.W.; Efstathiou, S; Haddleton, D.M, European Polymer Journal, 2020, in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2020.109491

Merritt, S; Wemyss, A.M.; Farris, S; Patole, S; Patias, G; Haddleton, D.M.; Shollock, B; Wan, C, ACS Appl. Polym. Mater., 2020, in Press, DOI: 10.1021/acsapm.9b01041