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2006 Publications

Limer, Adam; Haddleton, David M.. Amide Functional Initiators for Transition-Metal-Mediated Living Radical Polymerization. Macromolecules (2006), 39 (4), 1353-1358.

Limer, Adam J.; Rullay, Atvinder K.; San Miguel, Veronica; Peinado, Carmen; Keely, Simon; Fitzpatrick, Eamonn; Carrington, Stephen D.; Brayden, David; Haddleton, David M.. Fluorescently tagged star polymers by living radical polymerisation for mucoadhesion and bioadhesion. Reactive & Functional Polymers (2006), 66 (1), 51-64.

Ladmiral, Vincent; Mantovani, Giuseppe; Clarkson, Guy J.; Cauet, Solene; Irwin, Jacob L.; Haddleton, David M. Synthesis of Neoglycopolymers by a Combination of "Click Chemistry" and Living Radical Polymerization. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2006), 128 (14), 4823-4830. Download reprint

Fournier, David; Pascual, Sagrario; Montembault, Veronique; Haddleton, David M.; Fontaine, Laurent. Well-Defined Azlactone-Functionalized (Co)polymers on a Solid Support: Synthesis via Supported Living Radical Polymerization and Application as Nucleophile Scavengers. Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (2006), 8(4), 522-530.

Tao, Lei; Chen, Gaojian; Mantovani, Giuseppe; York, Steve; Haddleton, David M.. Modification of multi-wall carbon nanotube surfaces with poly(amidoamine) dendrons: Synthesis and metal templating . Chemical Communications (2006), (47), 4949-4951.

Nicolas, Julien; San Miguel, Veronica; Mantovani, Giuseppe; Haddleton, David M.. Fluorescently tagged polymer bioconjugates from protein derived macroinitiators. Chemical Communications (2006), (45), 4697-4699.