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Current Group Members

Professor Dave Haddleton

Dave GPC


Dr Rachel Hand


Dr. Hannes Houck


Georgios Patias

George studies the synthesis and investigation of oil additives for modern lubricating fluids using Catalytic Chain Transfer Polymerization. FULL BIO

Arkadios Marathianos

Arkadios is a PhD candidate under the supervision of professor Haddleton working on Catalytic Chain Transfer Polymerisation and Sulphur-free RAFT.. FULL BIO


Final Year PhD Students

Gavin Kirby


Yujing Chang


Mohammed Aljuaid

PhD candidate under David Haddleton's supervision in Exploiting [2+2] photocycloaddition in polymer conjugation. FULL BIO

Yongguang Li

Yongguang is undertaking his PhD studies on an industry funded project focusing on synthesising semi-fluorinated block copolymers via photo-induced RDRP. FULL BIO

4th Year PhD Students

Ellis Hancox

Following her Masters work Ellis has expanded to the study of highly amphiphilic block copolymer self-assembly. FULL BIO

Congkai Ma

Congkai's PhD focuses on AIE-active polymers synthesis and applications. FULL BIO

Spyros Efstathiou 

Spyros is an industrially funded Phd candidate at the Haddleton group collaborating with Unilever in polymer based projects and their health care applications. FULL BIO

Jirui Zhang

Jirui joined and commenced her PhD studies in the Haddleton group in 2018, focusing on controlled radical polymerization in aqueous media. FULL BIO

3rd Year PhD Students

Euan Kendall


Lucas Al Shok


Despina Coursari


Samantha Liu


2nd Year PhD Students

Vincent Maugein


Andrea Dsouza


1st Year PhD Students

Zhongyuan Wan


William Pointer


MSc Students

MChem Students

Faye Pazon


Mia Hall


Visiting Researchers

Polymer Research and Technology Platfrom (RTP)

Dr. Daniel Lester

Dan is manager of the Polymer Research Technology Platform at Warwick, specialising in the characterisation of polymeric materials on behalf of internal and external researchers.

Dr. James Town