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2005 Publications

Fleming, Craig; Maldjian, Andre; Da Costa, Daniel; Rullay, Attvinder K.; Haddleton, David M.; St. John, Justin; Penny, Paul; Noble, Raymond C.; Cameron, Neil R.; Davis, Benjamin G. A carbohydrate-antioxidant hybrid polymer reduces oxidative damage in spermatozoa and enhances fertility. Nature Chemical Biology (2005), 1(5), 270-274
Ladmiral, Vincent; Monaghan, Laura; Mantovani, Giuseppe; Haddleton, David M. α-Functional glycopolymers: new materials for (poly)peptide conjugation. Polymer (2005), 46(19), 8536-8545.
Ydens, Isabelle; Degee, Philippe; Haddleton, David M.; Dubois, Philippe. Reactivity ratios in conventional and nickel-mediated radical copolymerization of methyl methacrylate and functionalized methacrylate monomers. European Polymer Journal (2005), 41(10), 2255-2263.
Viau, Lydie; Even, Michael; Maury, Olivier; Haddleton, David M.; Le Bozec, Hubert. Synthesis of star-shaped metallo-polymeric chromophores by atom transfer radical polymerization. Comptes Rendus Chimie (2005), 8(8), 1298-1307.
Leigh, David A.; Morales, M. Angeles F.; Perez, Emilio M.; Wong, Jenny K. Y.; Saiz, Carlos G.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Carmichael, Adrian J.; Haddleton, David M.; Brouwer, A. Manfred; Buma, Wybren Jan; Wurpel, George W. H.; Leon, Salvador; Zerbetto, Francesco. Patterning through controlled submolecular motion: Rotaxane-based switches and logic gates that function in solution and polymer films. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2005), 44(20), 3062-3067.
Mantovani, Giuseppe; Ladmiral, Vincent; Tao, Lei; Haddleton, David M. One-pot tandem living radical polymerization-Huisgens cycloaddition process ("click") catalyzed by N-alkyl-2-pyridylmethanimine/Cu(I)Br complexes. Chemical Communications (2005), (16), 2089-2091.
Keely, Simon; Rullay, Atvinder; Wilson, Carolyn; Carmichael, Adrian; Carrington, Steve; Corfield, Anthony; Haddleton, David M.; Brayden, David J. In Vitro and ex Vivo Intestinal Tissue Models to Measure Mucoadhesion of Poly (Methacrylate) and N-Trimethylated Chitosan Polymers. Pharmaceutical Research (2005), 22(1), 38-49.
Mantovani, Giuseppe; Lecolley, Francois; Tao, Lei; Haddleton, David M.; Clerx, Joost; Cornelissen, Jeroen J. L. M.; Velonia, Kelly. Design and Synthesis of N-Maleimido-Functionalized Hydrophilic Polymers via Copper-Mediated Living Radical Polymerization: A Suitable Alternative to PEGylation Chemistry. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2005), 127(9), 2966-2973. Download reprint
Funhoff, Arjen M.; Monge, Sophie; Teeuwen, Rosalie; Koning, Gerben A.; Schuurmans-Nieuwenbroek, Nancy M. E.; Crommelin, Daan J. A.; Haddleton, David M.; Hennink, Wim E.; van Nostrum, Cornelus F. PEG shielded polymeric double-layered micelles for gene delivery. Journal of Controlled Release (2005), 102(3), 711-724.
Haddleton, Dave; Steward, Andrew. Novel dispersants. PPCJ, Polymers Paint Colour Journal (2005), 195 (4485), 42-44.
Limer, Adam; Heming, Alex; Shirley, Ian; Haddleton, David. Living radical polymerization in heterogeneous conditions-suspension polymerization. European Polymer Journal (2005), 41(4), 805-816.
Limer, Adam; Haddleton, David M.. Reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (RATRP) of methacrylates using copper(I)/pyridinimine catalysts in conjunction with AIBN. European Polymer Journal (2005), 2006, 42(1), 61-68