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Chris Fidge MChem

I began my PhD at Warwick having also completed my undergraduate studies here. The 3rd year of my undergraduate degree was a 12 month placement with the research and development department of ICI Paints in Slough, Berkshire. I was an entry level research assistant incorporating novel additives into polymer latex formulations, to be used in coating compositions. As part of the Masters training, I also spent 20 weeks (part time) working alongside Post Graduate and Post Doctoral researchers in the Polymer Synthesis and Catalysis group at Warwick. I subsequently graduated with a Masters with Industrial Training in July 2005 and later joined the group to begin my PhD.


My research is partly funded by Rhodia Phosphorus and Performance Derivatives. Phosphorus containing polymers have been of great interest to industry as early as the 1940s; this is reflected in the high number of patents filed by various companies. Despite the more recent advent of controlled radical techniques, a majority of work published in this area is dominated by free radical polymerisation chemistry.


My research concerns the incorporation of phosphorus in polymers via controlled polymerisation techniques – an area of phosphorus polymer chemistry with relatively low exposure. I aim to synthesise phosphorus-containing polymers with a combination of Transition Metal Mediated Living Radical Polymerisation (often termed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerisation) and Single Electron Transfer Living Radical Polymerisation. While TMM LRP is well established1-4, SET LRP5 is relatively new and compliments the higher polarity of the phosphorus containing acrylic monomers used in my work. Major examples of applications for phosphorus containing polymers include flame retardant materials and scale inhibitors.

Conference poster presentations:

  • UKPCF International Conference, University of Warwick, September 2007
  • 234th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Boston, August 2007

- Poly/PMSE Session

- SciMix Session

  • Macro Group UK International Conference, University of Warwick, August 2006
  • Macro Group UK Young Researchers Conference, University of Sheffield, April 2004

Member Affiliations:

  • Royal Society of Chemistry, Associate Member
  • American Chemical Society, Student Member



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