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Dr. Florence Gayet


Florence was born in Montauban (South of France) and studied Chemistry in Toulouse University where she carried out all her undergraduate studies.

In 2005, she graduated with a 1st class MSci with honours in Supra and Macromolecular Chemistry. Her master subject entitled “Synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic polymers with amine groups” was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Juliette Fitremann, in Dr. Isabelle Rico-Lattes laboratory (IMRCP).

Staying in Toulouse, Florence started a Ph.D in the field of Ionic Liquids, “Molecular aggregates and reactivity in Ionic Liquids”, with Prof. Nancy Lauth-de Viguerie, during which she performed multidisciplinary research on these solvents from their synthesis and their use in catalysis to the analysis of their influence in organized molecular systems like micelles, vesicles and microemulsions.

Just before defending her Ph.D (Dec 08), Florence moved to Montpellier (Oct 08) to start her first post-doc and teaching assistant position in Prof. Andre Vioux's group in the Institute for Molecular Chemistry and Material Sciences, focusing her research on sol-gel chemistry and inorganic-organic hybrid materials using ionic liquids.

Then, Florence came to join Haddleton group beetween November 2009 and August 2011, working on the synthesis of targeted water soluble polymers, project funded by Syngenta.

From September 2011, Florence will start new Assistant Professor positon in Toulouse beetween the Engineering School ENSIACET and the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry (LCC) in Prof. Rinaldo Poli Team.

Research interest

Supramolecular chemistry, Polymeric nanomaterials, Ionic liquids, Hybrid materials ...

Selected publications

- Synthesis of microcapsules via reactive surfactants

A. Limer, F. Gayet, N. Jagielski, A. Heming, I. Shirley and D. M. Haddleton, Soft Matter 2011, 7, 5408-5416

- Polymer nanocomposites ionogels, high-performance electrolyte membranes

F. Gayet, L. Viau, F. Leroux, S. Monge, J.-J. Robin and A. Vioux J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 20, 9456–9462

- Unique combination of mechanical strenght, thermal stability and high ion conduction in PMMA-silica nanocomposites containing high loadings of ionic liquids

F. Gayet, L. Viau, F. Leroux, F. Mabille, S. Monge, J.-J. Robin and A. Vioux Chem. Mater. 2009, 21, 5575–5577

- Ionic liquids / oil microemulsions as chemical nanoreactors

F. Gayet, P. Lavedan, J.-D. Marty, A. Brûlet and N. Lauth-de Viguerie Langmuir 2009, 25 (17), 9741–9750.


Office phone number:
+44 24 765 22263
Mailing address:
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick
Library Road, CV4 7AL
Coventry, UK

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B.Sc. in Organic Chemistry:
Toulouse University 2003
M.Sc. in Supra- and Macromolecular Chemistry:
Toulouse University 2005
Ph.D. in Supra- and Macromolecular Chemistry :
Toulouse University 2008