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Jamie Godfrey


Jamie Godfrey lived in Pontypool, South Wales, before attending the University of Warwick to study for a undergraduate Masters in Chemistry (MChem) degree. Jamie worked under the supervision of Prof. Martin Wills in his final year research project on a novel asymmetric transfer hydrogenation catalyst. After graduating, Jamie joinined Prof. Dave Haddleton's research group to study for a PhD in the area of polymer chemistry.

Research interest

My current research focuses on the use of Catalytic Chain Transfer Polymerization (CCTP) in aqueous systems to produce functional water soluble macromolecules, based on methacrylic acid. Previous work undertaken has involved the use of Cu(0) mediated controlled polymerization of acrylates to very high molecular weights. This work is still ongoing and aims to synthesize ultrahigh molecular weight amphiphilic block copolymers, containing hydrophilic poly(acrylic acid) blocks.

Selected publications


jamie dot godfrey at warwick dot acuk
Office phone number:
+44 24 765 26340
Mailing address:
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick
Library Road, CV4 7AL
Coventry, UK

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