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Nikolaos Engelis

Nick was born in Greece in 1990.
He graduated from the University of Athens with a Bachelor’s degree of Chemistry in 2013. The same year he joined the ‘’Polymer Chemistry’’ Tought Masters course in the University of Warwick. Nick is currently in the third year of his PhD which is sponsored by Lubrizol.


1) Synthesis of well-defined poly (acrylates) in ionic liquids via copper (II)-mediated photoinduced living radical polymerization
Athina Anastasaki, Vasiliki Nikolaou, Gabit Nurumbetov, Nghia P Truong, George S Pappas, Nikolaos G Engelis, John F Quinn, Michael R Whittaker, Thomas P Davis, David M Haddleton
Macromolecules 48 (15), 5140-5147
2) Sequence-controlled methacrylic multiblock copolymers via sulfur-free RAFT emulsion polymerization
Nikolaos G Engelis, Athina Anastasaki, Gabit Nurumbetov, Nghia P Truong, Vasiliki Nikolaou, Ataulla Shegiwal, Michael R Whittaker, Thomas P Davis, David M Haddleton
Nature Chemistry
3) Universal Conditions for the Controlled Polymerization of Acrylates, Methacrylates and Styrene via Cu (0)-RDRP.
Richard Whitfield, Athina Anastasaki, Vasiliki Nikolaou, Glen R Jones, Nikolaos G Engelis, Emre H Discekici, Carolin Fleischmann, Johannes Willenbacher, Craig J Hawker, David M Haddleton
Journal of the American Chemical Society
4) Methacrylic Block Copolymers by Sulfur Free RAFT (SF RAFT) Free Radical Emulsion Polymerisation
Gabit Nurumbetov, Nikolaos G Engelis, Jamie Godfrey, Rachel Alice Hand, Athina Anastasaki, Alexandre Simula, Vasiliki Nikolaou, David Haddleton
Polymer Chemistry, 2016

Office phone number:
+44 24 765 22179

Mailing address:
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick
Library Road, CV4 7AL
Coventry, UK