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Patrick de Jongh

Patrick obtained his Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc.) degree in Chemistry from the Avans University of Applied Science (Breda, The Netherlands) in 2011. This included industrial placements at DSM and Mercachem. He then moved to the Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) to start his premaster and Master of Science (MSc.) in Chemistry degree, during which he carried out two placements. The first was under supervision of Prof. Jan van Hest and the second at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) under supervision of Prof. S├ębastien Perrier and Dr. Michael Whittaker. He graduated with a MSc. in Chemistry in August 2014 (cum laude).

In October 2014 Patrick moved to the University of Warwick to start his PhD research under supervision of Prof. David Haddleton and Dr. Kristian Kempe. His work is sponsored by Unilever and the University of Warwick. His current research interests include polyesters and poly(ester amide)s by melt polycondensation using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and novel N-acylated poly(amino ester) materials made by spontaneous zwitterionic copolymerisation (SZWIP). As part of this work, he spent three months as a visiting PhD at Monash University, working with Dr. Angus Johnston.

Research interests

Biodegradable materials, polyesters, spontaneous zwitterionic copolymerisation, polycondensation, RAFT polymerisation, differentical scanning calorimetry, stimuli-responsive materials, post-polymerisation functionalisation


7) Unraveling the Spontaneous Zwitterionic Copolymerisation Mechanism of Cyclic Imino Ethers and Acrylic Acid
J. Steinkoenig, P.A.J.M. de Jongh, D.M. Haddleton, A.S. Goldmann, C. Barner-Kowollik, K. Kempe, Macromolecules 2018, 51, 318-327

6) Thiol-reactive (co)polymer scaffolds comprised of organic arsenical acrylamides
C. Footman, P.A.J.M. de Jongh, J. Tanaka, R. Peltier, K. Kempe, T.P. Davis, P. Wilson, Chem. Commun. 2017, 53, 8447-8450

5) High Tg poly(ester amide)s by melt polycondensation of monomers from renewable resources; citric acid, D-glucono-╬┤-lactone and amino acids: A DSC study
P.A.J.M. de Jongh, P.K.C. Paul, E. Khoshdel, P. Wilson, K. Kempe, D.M. Haddleton, Eur. Polym. J. 2017, 94, 11-19

4) Thermal study on polyester networks based on the renewable monomers citric acid and gluconolactone
P.A.J.M. de Jongh, P.K.C. Paul, E. Khoshdel, P. Wilson, K. Kempe, D.M. Haddleton, Polym. Int. 2017, 66, 59-63

3) Facile one-pot/one-step synthesis of heterotelechelic N-acylated poly(aminoester) macromonomers for carboxylic acid decorated comb polymers
P.A.J.M. de Jongh, M.R. Bennett, G.S. Sulley, P. Wilson, T.P. Davis, D.M. Haddleton, K. Kempe, Polym. Chem. 2016, 7, 6703-6707

2) Dual Stimuli-Responsive Comb Polymers from Modular N-Acylated Poly(aminoester)-Based Macromonomers
P.A.J.M. de Jongh, A. Mortiboy, G.S. Sulley, M.R. Bennett, A. Anastasaki, P. Wilson, D.M. Haddleton, K. Kempe, ACS Macro Lett. 2016, 5, 321-325

1) Novel comb polymers from alternating N-acylated poly(aminoester)s obtained by spontaneous zwitterionic copolymerisation
K. Kempe, P.A.J.M. de Jongh, A. Anastasaki, P. Wilson, D.M. Haddleton, Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 16213-16216

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+44 24 765 26340

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Department of Chemistry
University of Warwick
Library Road, CV4 7AL
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