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The DST CDT have hosted a series of Webinars on different aspects of Diamond Science and Technology. We will be adding more webinars later in the year but if you are interested and would like us to contact you with new dates please register your interest here.

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Microwave Cavity Readout of a NV-Diamond Quantum Sensor

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John F. Barry MIT Lincoln Labs

Solid state spins have emerged as promising candidates for next-generation sensors. These spin systems combine the precision and repeatability inherent to more traditional atomic systems while eliminating obvious pain points such as cryogenics, vacuum and tunable single-frequency lasers. A principle difficulty with these systems is extraction of the full quantum information from the spins following a measurement. For the most popular solid state spin platform, NV defects in diamond, typical demonstrated ensemble readout fidelities are roughly two to four orders of magnitude worse than theoretical limits. This talk covers recent results demonstrating a promising alternative approach, dispersive readout of an NV spin ensemble. The NV ensemble is coupled to a high-Q microwave cavity. The ensemble quantum state is encoded in the dispersive shift of the cavity. The cavity center frequency is then interrogated via near-resonant microwaves. We achieve strong coupling between the ensemble and the high-Q microwave cavity. We show the scheme circumvents optical shot noise of conventional readout methods, achieves unity contrast and is ultimately limited by thermal noise.

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Past Seminars:

15 July 2020 at2

Alexandre Tallaire, IRCP, Chimie ParishTech, Paris and LSPM, CNRS, Villetaineuse, France

Growth of CVD diamond single crystals containing NV centres


7 July 2020

Elke Neu-Ruffing, University of Kaiserslautern

Versatile diamond sensor devices

22 June 2020 sebastien

Sebastien Pezzagna, Applied Quantum Systems, Felix-Bloch Institute for Solid-State Physics, Universit├Ąt Leipzig, Germany

Charge-assisted single defect engineering and ion implantation


9 June 2020


Jason Smith, University of Oxford

Engineering diamond devices for scalable quantum networks

3 June 2020 Marcus Doherty

Marcus Doherty, Australian National University

Nano-electrometry, electric field imaging and electronics using the NV centre in diamond

2 June 2020

John Barry

John F. Barry, MIT Lincoln Labs

Microwave Cavity Readout of a NV-Diamond Quatum Sensor