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The DST CDT have hosted a series of Webinars on different aspects of Diamond Science and Technology. We will be adding more webinars later in the year but if you are interested and would like us to contact you with new dates please register your interest here.

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Versatile diamond sensor devices

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Elke Neu-Ruffing, University of Kaiserslautern

Individual color centers in diamond are stable, atomically sized quantum systems. Nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers represent coherent, isolated electronic spins [1]. Moreover, NV centers are fully optical quantum sensors via near field processes such as Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). To enable nanoscale sensing, we incorporate NVs into highly functional photonic nanostructures. These tip-like structures enable scanning NV centers close (< 50 nm) to a sample to record nanoscale resolution images e.g. of magnetic fields. Simultaneously, with these structures we retrieve bright fluorescence from our NV centers rendering our sensors more sensitive. We discuss our recent achievements in optimizing nanofabrication of our sensor devices which are crucial in the context of scalability as well as commercialization [2,3]. As a very recent demonstration of all optical imaging using NV centers, we present the first realization of FRET between NV centers and a luminescent two-dimensional material, namely WSe2 [4].

[1] M. Radtke et al., Nano Futures 3, 042004 (2019)

[2] M. Radtke et al. Micromachines, 10, 718 (2019)

[3] M. Radtke et al., Opt. Mat. Express 9, 4716 (2019)

[4] R. Nelz et al. Adv. Quantum Techn. 3, 1900088 (2019)

This seminar will be run via Zoom. To register please click here.

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Elke Neu-Ruffing, University of Kaiserslautern

Versatile diamond sensor devices

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