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The DST CDT have hosted a series of Webinars on different aspects of Diamond Science and Technology. We will be adding more webinars later in the year but if you are interested and would like us to contact you with new dates please register your interest here.

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Growth of CVD diamond single crystals containing NV centres

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Alexandre Tallaire, IRCP, Chimie ParisTech, Paris and LSPM, CNRS, Villetaneuse, France

The negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy centre (NV) in diamond is a point-like defect that has focused a lot of attention in the past few years due to a number of emerging applications in quantum technologies, in particular for magnetic sensing. It is a single photon emitter with good photostability and which electronic spin state can be optically read-out and manipulated leading to exceptionally long coherence time even at room temperature. Harnessing the outstanding properties of NVs mainly relies on the progresses obtained in the synthesis of high quality and purity diamond material using the microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition technique (MPACVD). Individual or ensembles of NV centres can be produced by nitrogen implantation or through direct in situ creation by adding a N-containing precursor. Both approaches have some advantages in terms of spatial localisation, coherence time or defect preferential orientation. Controlling defects and/or the spin bath surrounding the NV centres is crucial to obtaining good spin properties. All those requirements are very challenging and are setting an increasing pressure to the diamond synthesis capabilities by MPACVD. In this talk the growth of nitrogen-doped CVD diamond single crystals by MPACVD will be described. Special emphasis will be given to the control of the orientation and localization of NV centres and the optimization of their density and stability.


High-purity single crystal CVD diamonds produced at LSPM – Localized luminescent NV pattern in diamond crystal – Spin echo measurement on isolated NVs allowing extracting their coherence time T2

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15 July 2020 at2

Alexandre Tallaire, IRCP, Chimie ParishTech, Paris and LSPM, CNRS, Villetaineuse, France

Growth of CVD diamond single crystals containing NV centres


7 July 2020

Elke Neu-Ruffing, University of Kaiserslautern

Versatile diamond sensor devices

22 June 2020 sebastien

Sebastien Pezzagna, Applied Quantum Systems, Felix-Bloch Institute for Solid-State Physics, Universit├Ąt Leipzig, Germany

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9 June 2020


Jason Smith, University of Oxford

Engineering diamond devices for scalable quantum networks

3 June 2020 Marcus Doherty

Marcus Doherty, Australian National University

Nano-electrometry, electric field imaging and electronics using the NV centre in diamond

2 June 2020

John Barry

John F. Barry, MIT Lincoln Labs

Microwave Cavity Readout of a NV-Diamond Quatum Sensor