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The DST CDT have hosted a series of Webinars on different aspects of Diamond Science and Technology. We will be adding more webinars later in the year but if you are interested and would like us to contact you with new dates please register your interest here.

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Charge-assisted single defect engineering and ion implantation

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Sébastien Pezzagna, Applied Quantum Systems, Felix-Bloch Institute for Solid-State Physics, Universität Leipzig, Germany

The isolation of a single Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centre in diamond in 1997 and the demonstration of coherent control of its associated electron spin at 300K in 2004 promised the NV a rich future as a Qubit. With the availability of high purity diamond substrates and the development of ion implantation techniques, a diamond-based scalable quantum computer operating at room temperature could be envisaged. However, the first NV-NV entanglement was realised in 2013 only and many issues were still to be overcome: the low NV creation efficiency, the short coherence time of implanted NV centres, charge state stability and control, the need of spin control and readout of individual NV centres at short scales (< 30 nm),…

In 2019, breakthrough advances were however achieved such as the deterministic implantation of countable single ions, the electrical readout of the spin state of a single NV centre, the entanglement of a single NV with a large number of 13C nuclear spins, the highly enhanced NV creation yield using donor doping or the conversion of nitrogen into NV centres using pulsed laser.

In this talk, we will briefly introduce the ion-matter interaction processes which are relevant for the creation of single colour centres with a “clean” environment and present the state-of-the-art ion implantation capabilities. We will then discuss how the charge state of the different impurities and defects is of importance for the formation and engineering of different colour centres, and how it can be used, with the example of NV, SnV and MgV centres. Especially, the role of isolated vacancies and hydrogen impurities will be highlighted.

We will finally mention future experiments and developments.

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Sebastien Pezzagna, Applied Quantum Systems, Felix-Bloch Institute for Solid-State Physics, Universität Leipzig, Germany

Charge-assisted single defect engineering and ion implantation


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Marcus Doherty, Australian National University

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John Barry

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