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Indexed according to relevant country/origin/authors, as follows:

W=Warwick X=China T=Thailand U=Uganda Z=Tanzania C=Cambridge

(Example: XW04 is a publication about China, prepared by China + Warwick)

W01 On Mortarless Masonry, T.H.Thomas, Warwick, ELITH, 2016 (ELITH WP EWP IIB-4)
W02 Low income housing in hot climates: reducing energy use and climate emissions: state of the art and new directions. C.Butters, ELITH/Kampala 2016
W03 Walling Shape & Materials Usage, T.H.Thomas, Warwick, ELITH, 2016 (ELITH WP EWP IIB-7)
W04 Energy, climate and buildings – the dynamics of change. Which processes help sustainable building to happen Faster? C.Butters, Warwick/ELITH, 2015
W06 Experimental interlocking stabilised-sopil block data (E Africa), T.H.Thomas et al, Warwick, ELITH, 2016 (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8)
W06/1 ISSB column stiffness data A Kagadi 2009, McDonald M, Stegman A, Coker L, Maxwell A, Simmonds M, Taylor N, African Field Course Project Report, Excerpt pp 10-25 (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-1)
W06/2 ISSB column stiffness data B Kagadi 2010 African Field Course Project Report (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-2)
W06/3 ISSB Column stiffness testing (C) UMU 2013, Le Conte, Price, Riat & Shore, African Field Course Project Report (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-3)
W06/4 ISSB column stiffness Data D NHBRA 2016, F Qamar (Warwick Uni), B Chilla & H Hatibu (NHBRA), Effect of column-plastering with & without fibres in plaster (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-4)
W06/5 Crushing experiments with ISSBs NHBRA 2016, F Qamar & A Juma, Comparison of block strength with prism (2x2 blocks) strength (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-5)
W06/7 Lateral stiffness of crenelated walls plans NHBRA Jul 2016, F Qamar, H Hatibu, TH Thomas, Comparison of a 3m crenelated wall and a 3m straight wall (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-7)
W06/8 ISSB Block and Column tests in Dar Mar 2016, H Hatibu, B Chilla, TH Thomas, 140 ISSBs & 60 columns measured for overhang and lateral stiffness (ELITH Working Paper EWP IIB-8-8)
W07 The Carbon Impact of Site Works and Infrsastructures.Butters (BRI submitted).ELITH, 2016. C.Butters, T.H.Thomas, Warwick/ELITH, 2016.
W08 A Low Income House in Punakha, Bhutan. C.Butters, Warwick/ELITH 2015
W09 Enhancing air movement by passive means in hot climate buildings. C.Butters, Warwick/ELITH 2014
WX10 (in preparation) Energy efficiency and carbon: ten reasons to revisit the low-rise city. C.Butters, A.Cheshmehzangi
WC11 Reducing the energy use and the carbon footprint of tropical housing. T.H.Thomas, H.Cruickshank. 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE 2014): Science, Technology and Innovation for ASEAN Green Growth, 19-21 November 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
W12 A Passive Cooling Retrofit for Low Cost Hot Climate Buildings. Chris Butters, Warwick/ELITH, 2014
XW01 Sustainable living and urban density: the choices are wide open. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters, UNNC/Warwick/ELITH, CUE2015, Fuzhou China 2015
XW02 Refining the Complex Urban: The Study of Urban Residential Typologies for Reduced Future Energy and Climate Impacts. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters. IFOU, Incheon, Korea 2015
XW03 Urban Green Infrastructure for Cities of Developing Countries. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters, UNNC/Warwick/ELITH, Ningbo 2015. (brochure in English, Thai and Chinese)
X05 Energy and Housing Conditions in China: The Survey Study of Zhuhai, South China. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC/ELITH. Jof HS, 2014
XW06 The Effects of Improved Built Form on Urban Cooling: Review of Passive Strategies and Urban Design Case Studies. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters. SEE 2014, Bangkok 2014
XW07 (not open source) Chinese urban residential blocks: Towards improved environmental and living qualities. Cheshmehzangi, A. and Butters, C., Urban Design International 21:2016, Palgrave Macmillan, UK 2016
XW08 Sustainable Urban Block Design Proposal, Ningbo. A.Cheshmehzangi, C.Butters, UNNC/Warwick/ELITH 2016
X09 The Urban and Urbanism: China’s New Urbanization and Approaches towards Comprehensive Development. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo 2016
X10 Development of Rural Housing in China: Transitions in Housing Development Patterns. A.Cheshmehzangi, L.Galvez, UNNC Ningbo 2015
XC11 Housing and Energy: Review of Cases in China. A.Cheshmehzangi, L.Galvez, A.Hashemi, H.Cruickshank. UNNC Ningbo 2015
X12 Chinese vernacular architecture. Hakka earth building (tulou), A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC 2014
X13 Improvement of Urban Housing Blocks in China: The Comparative Cases of Design Optimisation. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo 2016
X14 Lessons from and Comparison of Vernacular Housing: Review of Low-income Tropical Housing in Xishuangbanna, China. Working Paper, A.Cheshmehzangi, Yanni Wang. ELITH Working Paper, UNNC Ningbo, 2015
XW15 Greening the Urban Housing: The Impact of Green Infrastructure on Household Energy-Use Reductions for Cooling, Cheshmehzangi, A., Dawodu, A. and Butters, C. (2016), fifth workshop on EU-­‐Asia Relations in Global Politics, at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 10-12 March 2016
X16 Modeling the Housing Energy Efficiency Optimisation in EnergyPlus: The Study of Current Two-storey and New Three-storey Rural Housing in Hong Kong. A.Cheshmehzangi, BoWei Zhou, UNNC Ningbo 2015
X17 Low-income Urban Housing and Communities of China: The case of Xiushui Community, Ningbo. Report, Cheshmehzangi/final year students, UNNC Ningbo 2014
X18 New Models of Urban Housing: The Case of Mixed-use concept and Integrated Design in Shanghai. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo 2014
X19 Chinese Building Materials Survey and Life-Cycle Data; Review – ELITH. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo 2014
X20 Urban Green Space and Planning Strategy: The Case of Linear Urban Waterfront in Changsha, Hunan (Central South China). A.Cheshmehzangi/final year students, UNNC Ningbo 2014
X21 Housing study in three climatic zones of China. LuYing Wang, A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo 2014
X22 Urban Cooling Analysis for Residential Blocks in the City of Ningbo, China. A.Cheshmehzangi. Working paper, UNNC Ningbo, 2015
X23 Review Study: Traditional Tulou Housing and New Housing, Fujian Province, SE-China. A.Cheshmehzangi, L.Galvez, UNNC Ningbo, 2015
XW24 Energy and Cooling for low income tropical housing. A.Cheshmehzangi, T.H.Thomas, (Poster), UNNC Ningbo, 2014
X25 Urbanisation Patterns for Poor Communities: Comparison Study of China and Venezuela. L.Galvez, A.Cheshmehzangi. Working paper, UNNC Ningbo, 2014
T01 A Survey of Housing Features and Thermal Comfort of Medium and Low Income Earners in Thailand. JGSEE/KMUTT, Thonburi. ELITH 2014
T02 Energy Use and Carbon Emission of Low-medium-income Houses in Northern Thailand. Tummu et al., Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology. ISSN 1905-7873 Available online at , KMUTT/ELITH 2016
T03 Public efforts to mobilize private energy efficiency finance: lessons learned from the energy efficiency revolving fund of Thailand. Verena Streitferdt, Surapong Chirarattananon, SEE2014/A-006, Thailand KMUTT/ELITH 2014
T04 Greenhouse gas emissions from low income house construction: case study in Baan Eua-Arthorn project in Thailand. Hathairat Loyprakhon, Siriluk Chiarakorn, Pattana Rakkwamsuk, SEE 2014/D-026, Thailand KMUTT/ELITH 2014
T05 Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon of Low Income Thai housing. Chirarattananon, Rakkwamsuk et al., KMUTT/ELITH 2015
T06 Full Prelim Report, Regional Architecture, Energy in Housing and more, KMUTT/ELITH 2014
TC07 A Study into Improving Thermal Comfort in Low Income Housing Designs in Thailand through the Effective Incorporation of Passive Design Strategies. N.Bhikhoo, Cambridge/ELITH 2015
T08 Development of Energy Performance Indicators of Residential Building Envelope. Chirarattananon, Rakkwamsuk et al., KMUTT/ELITH 2015
T09 Summary Report, Energy and Carbon Rating Scheme workshop July 2016. KMUTT/ELITH 2016
T10 A Study on a Ventilation Pipe Integrated with a Light Pipe. T.Taengchum, P.Chaiwiwatworakul et al., KMUTT/ATE 2013
T11 Brochure: Housing Energy Rating Scheme, ELITH Bangkok workshop, April 2016
T12 Household Survey Plan Low Income Housing. (Preparatory report ELITH-4 - 02 Working Paper), KMUTT/ELITH 2014
T14 Reducing energy consumptio, cost and GHG emissions for tropical low-income housing, Chuangchote et al., KMUTT, SEE2014
TW15 Activities and Outputs Summary. KMUTT/CB/ELITH, Oct2016
U01 Popular building techniques and material utilisation in low income tropical housing: a contextual review on Uganda. T.Niwamara, A.Ndibwami, M.Olweny, UMU/ELITH 2014
UC02 Embodied Energy of Rural Houses in Uganda. The Nkozi Survey. R.Mutschler, Cambridge/ELITH 2016
UC03 Investigating the rationale for material selection in tropical housing projects in Uganda - A Case for Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB) Technology. M.Nambatya, Cambridge/ELITH, 2015
U04 Adoption of appropriate technology in construction: A pilot study of compressed earth blocks uptake in Kamuli District, Uganda. T.Niwamara, A.Ndibwami. SBE16, Cairo 2016
U05 Rural low income housing: inspiring communities to shape their future. A.Ndibwami, PLEA2015, Bologna 2015
UX06 Architectural Curriculum Development at Uganda Martyrs’ University. A.Cheshmehzangi, UNNC Ningbo, 2015
UC07 Improving Thermal Comfort in Low-income Tropical Housing: The Case of Uganda. A.Hashemi, H.Cruickshank, A.Cheshmehzangi, ZEMCH2015
U08 Embodied Energy of Low Income Rural Housing in Uganda. T.Niwamara, M.Olweny, A.Ndibwami, UMU, PLEA2016
U09 Demystifying Fired Clay Brick: Comparative analysis of different materials for walls, with fired clay brick. A.Ahimbisibwe, A.Ndibwami, UMU, PLEA2016
UC10 Sustainable low-income housing in Uganda, challenges and opportunities. ELITH Working Paper, A.Hashemi, H.Cruickshank, A.Cheshmehzangi. ELITH Working Paper 2015
U11 Sustainability in buildings: a call in vain or simply a misnomer? A.Ndibwami, UMU,PLEA2015
U12 An investigation into domestic energy consumption in Uganda. A.Ndibwami?, UMU in: R.H.Crawford and A.Stephan (eds.), Living and Learning: Research for Better Built Environment: 49th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association, pp. 1-10. ©2015 The Architectural Science Association 2015
U13 ELITH: Schedule of Research Scope and Key Directions
U14 Energy in Buildings, Course Outline (curriculum development). UMU 2015
ZW01 CPD Sustainable Construction: Energy analysis of buildings and building materials. S.Halliday, GAIA/Warwick/ELITH, Tanzania 2015
ZC02 Energy and Low Income Housing, Tanzania. B.Coombs, Cambridge/ELITH 2015
ZC03 Transition in Housing Design in Rural Tanzania’s Temperate Tropical Regions: An Analysis of Thermal Comfort Performance and Possible Design Improvements. M.Eyre, Cambridge/ELITH 2015
Z04 The present housing challenge in Tanzania and efforts towards provision of affordable housing. E.Kwanama, NHBRA, National Conference of The Institution of Engineers, Dar Es Salaam 2015
Z05 The world of mud brick houses. And?? Provision of Affordable Housing Through Proportioned and Stabilized Soils. A.Juma. NHBRA. Dar es Salaam 2015
Z06 NHBRA Low Income House basic design v2.2016. (File folder, drawings), NHBRA 2016. BoQ coming?
Z07 Assessment of the contribution of housing cooperatives in the provision of affordable housing. The case of Muungano Housing Co-operative Society. C.Twwimanye, J.Mhekela, H.Kombo, NHBRA, National Conference of The Institution of Engineers, Dar Es Salaam 2015
ZW08 CPD: Sustainable Construction: Energy analysis of buildings and building materials. Part 2- keynote, S.Halliday, GAIA/Warwick/ELITH, Tanzania 2015
ZW09 CPD: Sustainable Construction: Energy analysis of buildings and building materials. Part 3 – workshop. S.Halliday, GAIA/Warwick/ELITH, Tanzania 2015
ZC10 Embodied Energy of Fired Bricks: The Case of Uganda and Tanzania. A,Hashemi, H.Cruickshank, Cambridge/ELITH, SET2015
Z11 Review of the NHBRA operations on the development and promotion of affordable housing products. Ardhi University, Tanzania 2014
Z12 Housing: presentation of solutions and future issues. E.Kwanama, NHBRA, National Conference of The Institution of Engineers, Dar Es Salaam 2015
Z13 The role of engineers in development of sustainable built environment and affordable housing in Tanzania. Analysis of energy and carbon intensities of … Walling Materials. H.Hatibu, B.Chilla, NHBRA, National Conference of The Institution of Engineers, Dar Es Salaam 2015
Zxx Tanzania Interlocking Brick Production Manual. J.Twwimanye, S.Kintingu, E.Kwanama, NHBRA Tanzania 2016
CX01 Environmental Impacts and Embodied Energy of Construction Methods and Materials in Low-Income Tropical Housing. A.Hashemi, H.Cruickshank, A.Cheshmehzangi. Sustainability 2015, 7, 7866-7883
C02 The effects of air permeability, background ventilation and lifestyle on energy performance, indoor air quality and risk of condensation in domestic buildings. A.Hashemi, N.Khatami, Cambridge/Loughborough, in: Sustainability 2015-7, 4022-4034, 2015 (abstract only)
C03 Low Income Tropical Housing: In the context of Mumbai’s Slums: Materials testing program. K.Dodia, Cambridge/ELITH 2014-15 (abstract only)
C04 Adapting passive cooling techniques from Mughal architecture to low income tropical housing. I.Fayyat, Cambridge/ELITH 2015
C05 Adobe in Chile. Notesheet. R.Mutschler, Cambridge/ELITH 2016