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2020/2021 Project Objectives

The 2020/2021 team have outlined 4 key objectives to improve the Warwick Sub:

  1. Design, test and implement propulsion technologies, with particular focus on the propeller hydrodynamics and gearing design systems, including identification and control of inefficiencies in the drive train.
  2. Analyse current safety systems of the submarine and implement an electromagnetic hatch system to enable the pilot to efficiently exit the submarine. This will be incorporated as part of a safety buoy deployment system.
  3. Test and integrate a pre-existing electronic steering system into the submarine, ensuring the system can be easily interchanged with mechanical alternatives, is waterproof and operational at required racing depths of approximately 6 metres.
  4. Manufacture an improved hull design, reconsidering the exterior aesthetics of the submarine in accordance with newly revised ISR rules regarding the visibility of the submarine, additional lighting, a new branding appearance and more fluid dynamic features.

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