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Behind the scenes with Carl Wilkinson

Hear from colleagues who volunteered to contribute to the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), find out about their role and what they enjoyed about it. It's a chance to see some of the activity that went on behind the scenes to help make the IBO a success.

Behind the scenes with...
Carl Wilkinson
Laboratory Technician
School of Life Sciences

Role for the International Biology Olympiad: my main role was to fill over ninety ice buckets three times throughout the day for the Developmental Physiology practical exam.

My usual job involves…
working in the department's preparation area working within a team of four. We wash and clean all the dirty glassware, and autoclave all the lab waste day to day. We also clean the glassware and autoclave waste for the Teaching Labs. Once a week we make fly food which is a vital part of our job.

In advance of the International Biology Olympiad I…
only had short notice of what my job involved but the team coped very well.

During the International Biology Olympiad I...
filled ice buckets and also worked with Teaching Fellow Dr Robert Spooner placing small vials into each bucket. I was only involved for three hours so my role was not that big. However, I enjoyed the time I was involved with everyone.

I really enjoyed being involved with…
my colleague Dr Robert Spooner who put me at ease and Tracy McCusker, Teaching Lab Assistant, who was a big plus as I have worked with her before.

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Filling ice buckets
Filling an ice bucket
Filling ice buckets
Filling 90 ice buckets 3 times a day!