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Slime Mold

What is a slime mold?

Slime molds are one of the natural world’s best kept secrets. Ignored by botanists, passed over by zoologists and largely shunned by mycologists, they are neither plant, nor animal nor fungi.

Physarum polycephalum (the many-headed slime mold)

It might not look like much but this brainless mass of yellow scum is a single gigantic cell.

Despite having no brain, not even a nerve cell to its name, this curious organism explores its environment, solves mazes and works out road networks all for the simple reward of a bit of porridge!

You can find more about the complex life cycle of the slime mold and other facts

Caring for your Slime

Visit the 'looking after your slime' page for tips on caring for your slime, including how to wake up dried samples (sclerotia).

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