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Behind the scenes with Khyati Morjaria

Hear from colleagues who volunteered to contribute to the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), find out about their role and what they enjoyed about it. It's a chance to see some of the activity that went on behind the scenes to help make the IBO a success.

Behind the scenes with...
Khyati Morjaria
Senior Education Support Services Assistant
School of Life Sciences
Role for the International Biology Olympiad: Place and collect exam scripts

My usual job involves…
providing support to students and staff across all undergraduate programmes in the School of Life Sciences. Main point of contact at Student Reception - receive and hand out lab reports, process sick notes and extension requests, ensure assessment deadlines are met, support the planning and organising of, and attend events including open days and offer holder days.

In advance of the International Biology Olympiad I…
was assigned a task and attended the scheduled training. I found the training very useful as I was explained the importance of my role and what it involved. I also got to know what my other team members were doing on the day.

During the International Biology Olympiad I…
started work at 7:30am and was based in the School of Life Sciences Teaching Lab. There were 3 practical exams on the day and we had to ensure that it was all set up prior to the start of the exam. I was involved in placing the exam scripts in every booth and collecting them at the end of each exam. I was also observing the exam to cover breaks to ensure we had enough volunteers on the floor to observe each exam. It was an enjoyable experience working with staff and student volunteers. We worked as part of a team and helped each other. I really enjoyed the day!

I really enjoyed being involved with…
handing out scripts and collecting them. It was a great experience. I also enjoyed working with everyone involved, they were so helpful.

Not everyone knows that…
even after a long day we were all smiling because we really enjoyed the day!

Hear from other colleagues behind the scenes

 Checking scripts
Collecting scripts
Collecting scripts