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Citizen Science Sampling

Be a scientist for a day!

We have now sent out all of our sampling kits to our citizen scientists from across England so no more requests are possible. If you have already registered for a kit then you will be sent a sampling kit, detailed instructions (including key health and safety information) and a paid and addressed packaging to return the samples. When you take your samples there is a sheet with some information to fill in about the river/ stream where you sample. Please return this with your water samples. If you would like to enter this information online, please use this form. The final deadline for sending samples back for analysis is 30th June 2022. Do please keep an eye on the analysis page for progress.

If you have yet to complete our survey then please do so. Thank you to all our citizen scientists who are contributing to this project!
a screenshot of the sample request form on a mobile linking to
Sampling kit

A sampling kit being prepared to be sent out to one of our citizen scientists

Three of the main river catchment areas in England.

We are now accepting river water samples from across England. Three of England's major catchment areas are also shown.

Taking a water sample from a slow flowing river with a dog playing in the background

Sampling from the side of a river

Taking a water sample from a bridge

Sampling from a bridge over a river by lowering the weighted tube from a line