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Professor Andrew Easton





Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 524727
WebLink: Pneumovirus Research Laboratory

Research Interests

Research in the laboratory focuses on the molecular biology of viruses which use a single stranded negative sense RNA molecule as genome. Of particular interest are paramyxoviruses which are responsible acute respiratory infections in their host, though other negative strand viruses are studied for comparison. We have worked for many years on various aspects of the molecular biology of pneumoviruses, which include respiratory syncytial virus, pneumonia virus of mice and avian pneumovirus. Much of our work uses the technique of reverse genetics for analysis of important regulatory sequences controlling virus RNA synthesis and identification of functional domains in proteins involved in virus RNA synthesis. Recently, we have begun work on the protective capacity of specific genome deletions of influenza virus in collaboration with Professor Nigel Dimmock. More details on these viruses and our research interests are available on the Pneumovirus Laboratory website


BSc (Biochemistry) University of Aberdeen

PhD (Virology) University of Glasgow

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