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Professor Andrew Easton

Job Title
Life Sciences
02476 524727
Research Interests

Research in the laboratory focuses on the molecular biology of viruses which use a single stranded negative sense RNA molecule as genome. Of particular interest are paramyxoviruses which are responsible acute respiratory infections in their host, though other negative strand viruses are studied for comparison. We have worked for many years on various aspects of the molecular biology of pneumoviruses, which include respiratory syncytial virus, pneumonia virus of mice and avian pneumovirus. Much of our work uses the technique of reverse genetics for analysis of important regulatory sequences controlling virus RNA synthesis and identification of functional domains in proteins involved in virus RNA synthesis. Recently, we have begun work on the protective capacity of specific genome deletions of influenza virus in collaboration with Professor Nigel Dimmock. More details on these viruses and our research interests are available on the Pneumovirus Laboratory website


BSc (Biochemistry) University of Aberdeen

PhD (Virology) University of Glasgow

  • Martin, Stuart, Terry, Helen Elizabeth, Bridgeman, Anne, Harris, Claire, Blair, Eric, Arnberg, Niklas, Hanke, Tomas, Easton, A. J. (Andrew J.), Burgert, Hans-Gerhard, 2010. Potential of a new subgroup D adenovirus vector for vaccination. 7th Annual Conference of the British Society for Gene Therapy, Royal Holloway Univ London, Egham, England, Mar 29-31, 2010, Published in Human Gene Therapy, pp. 497-498
Title Funder Award start Award end
Zika virus ? harnessing the powers of molecular and device engineering to counter a global threat EPSRC 01 Jun 2016 31 Mar 2017
Commercial development of antivirals for bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BBSRC FLIP) BBSRC 01 Sep 2014 31 Aug 2015
Translation Award: FluPro - a novel flu antiviral Wellcome Trust 01 May 2010 30 Apr 2015
The Development of Novel Multivalent Vaccines BBSRC 17 Jan 2011 16 Jan 2015
BBSRC Pathfinder March 2014 - Novel Inhibitors of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus BBSRC 01 Jul 2014 30 Sep 2014
Phd Studentship Optimisation of current diagnostic capabilities and restrictions to vaccine efficacy for the LyssaviriusesStudents Name: Jenni Evans Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency 01 Nov 2011 30 Sep 2014
Analysis of the mechanism for coupled transition in cellular virus mRNAs BBSRC 01 Sep 2011 31 Aug 2014
Studies of Chromosome Folding in BacteriaResearch Career Development Fellowship for David Grainger Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2008 30 Sep 2013
Respiratory Syncytial Virus RNA Helicase Inhibitors Wellcome Trust 22 Jul 2013 16 Sep 2013
Summer Research Student NeuroSolutions Limited 25 Jun 2012 19 Aug 2012
Research project to test activity of PTC compounds against respiratory syncytial virus in cell-based assays PTC Therapeutics, Inc. 01 Apr 2011 31 Mar 2012
Supplement for additional antiviral test work (for summer student) see 30040 RLFAE3005 PTC Therapeutics, Inc. 15 Aug 2011 30 Sep 2011
Wellcome Trust Value in People Award 2010-11 Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2011
Coupled translation BBSRC 01 Jan 2008 31 Dec 2010
Regulation of Cortical excitability and seizure activity by purines Epilepsy Research UK 01 Jan 2008 31 Dec 2010
VALUE IN PEOPLE AWARD Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2009 30 Sep 2010
Helping the brain itself: D-ribose to promote recovery after stroke Research into Ageing 01 Oct 2007 30 Sep 2010
Alzheimers Research Trust 2007 Studentship for Ceri Louise Lynn-Adams Alzheimers Research UK 01 Oct 2007 30 Sep 2010
Properties and in vivo mechanisms of action of cloned influenza virus interfering RNA-a new type of antiviral agent. MRC 01 Jan 2007 31 Dec 2009
Wellcome Trust VIP Award 2008-2009 Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2008 30 Sep 2009
The Application of Reverse genetics to the Study of Pathogenicity in Avian Pneumovirus BBSRC 01 Nov 2005 30 Oct 2008
Wellcome Trust VIP AwardSplit between BioSCi & WMS - TBC £s Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2007 30 Sep 2008
Vacation Bursary for Rosemary Ewans BBSRC 19 Jul 2004 12 Sep 2004
Real time PCR & high throughput sequencing facilities for biomedical research, microbiology and cell biology BBSRC 01 Oct 2003 30 Jun 2004
Vacation Studentship for Helena Jane Maier Society for General Microbiology 01 Jul 2003 20 Aug 2003