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Eleanor Townsend

Eleanor Townsend


Senior Research Technician


School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Campus




Tel: +44 (0) 2476 5 73488



Phage-host interaction in the gut microbiome and their impacts on human health and disease. Using bacteriophage to manipulate biofilms and bacterial communities, analysing population and individual effects via sequencing, functional gene analysis, flow cytometry and ion chromatography


BSc. (Hons) Microbiology, University of Bristol 2010-2013
MSc Clinical Microbiology, University of Nottingham 2013-2014
PhD University of the West of Scotland 2014-2017


Kean, R., McKloud, E., Townsend, E. M., Sherry, L., Delaney, C., Jones, B. L., . . . Ramage, G. J. I. j. o. a. a. (2018). The comparative efficacy of antiseptics against Candida auris biofilms.

Kean, R., Sherry, L., Townsend, E., McKloud, E., Short, B., Akinbobola, A., . . . Ramage, G. J. J. o. H. I. (2018). Surface disinfection challenges for Candida auris: an in-vitro study. 98(4), 433-436.

Defraine, V., Verstraete, L., Van Bambeke, F., Anantharajah, A., Townsend, E. M., Ramage, G., . . . Fauvart, M. J. F. i. m. (2017). Antibacterial activity of 1-[(2, 4-Dichlorophenethyl) amino]-3-Phenoxypropan-2-ol against antibiotic-resistant strains of diverse bacterial pathogens, biofilms and in pre-clinical infection models. 8, 2585.

Ramage, G., O’Donnell, L. E., Kean, R., Townsend, E., & Rajendran, R. (2017). Clinical Implications of Interkingdom Fungal and Bacterial Biofilms. In Microbial Biofilms (pp. 49-84): CRC Press.

Kean, R., Rajendran, R., Haggarty, J., Townsend, E. M., Short, B., Burgess, K. E., . . . Williams, C. J. F. i. m. (2017). Candida albicans mycofilms support Staphylococcus aureus colonization and enhances miconazole resistance in dual-species interactions. 8, 258.

Townsend, E. M., Sherry, L., Kean, R., Hansom, D., Mackay, W. G., Williams, C., . . . chemotherapy. (2017). Implications of antimicrobial combinations in complex wound biofilms containing fungi. AAC. 00672-00617.

Townsend, E. M., Sherry, L., Rajendran, R., Hansom, D., Butcher, J., Mackay, W. G., . . . Ramage, G. J. B. (2016). Development and characterisation of a novel three-dimensional inter-kingdom wound biofilm model. 32(10), 1259-1270.

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