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Prof. Hugh Woodland

Job Title
Recognised Researcher
Life Sciences
Research Interests

Our work is concerned with the way that the very first differences arise between the cells of embryos of the anuran amphibian Xenopus . This organism has enormous advantsges for studying embryonic development because it is easy to keep, lays eggs throughout the year, and its externally developing embryos are large and easy to manipulate. Recently we have been focusing on the development of the cells of the yolky half of the embryo, the vegetal pole. These form the endoderm and the primordial germ cells. Our research is concerned with the mechanisms that bring these pathways of development about, and how these pathways are distinguished from that of neighbouring cells which become skin, nervous system, muscles, and so on.

Title Funder Award start Award end
RNA Location in the Xenopus Oocyte Wellcome Trust 01 May 2008 30 Apr 2011
Investigating Pix protein function BBSRC 01 Mar 2008 28 Feb 2011
Germes, a novel gene encoding a Xenopus germ plasm associated RNA: Molecular dissection of oocyte and germ plasm formation through identification and characterisation of germes RNA and protein partners Intas Pharmaceutical 01 Oct 2006 01 Apr 2009
Mechanism of endoderm development in Xenopus. Wellcome Trust 01 Jan 2004 31 Dec 2006
The function in forming the germ line of the novel gene Xpat Wellcome Trust 08 Apr 2005 07 Jun 2005