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Dr Logan Kistler

Job Title
Natural Environment Research Council Fellow
Life Sciences
024 76 574523
Research Interests

I am interested in the evolutionary ecology of domestic plants, and in human impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity through time. My research uses ancient DNA-based genomics to study aspects of domestication, population dynamics, and biodiversity, and the interplay between these localized phenomena and broader-scale natural and anthropogenic trends. Current avenues of research include:

  • Tracing the genomic basis for adaptability to diverse growth environments in maize through the archaeobotanical record.
  • Domestication as an adaptive strategy for anachronistic plant species during the New World Holocene.
  • Biodiversity and phylogeography of punctually endemic species in eastern Cuba.

BA, Anthropology and Sociology, The University of Kentucky 2007

MA, Anthropology, The Pennsylvania State University 2009

PhD, Anthropology, The Pennsylvania State University 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology and Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, 2012-2014

NERC Independent Research Fellow, 2014-

Member, Society for American Archaeology,

Society for Economic Botany,

Society of Ethnobiology,

Southeastern Archaeological Conference

Title Funder Award start Award end
An archaeogenomic approach to maize evolution, adaptation, and biodiversity in North America: Fellowship for Logan Kistler NERC 01 Oct 2014 30 Sep 2019
An archaeogenomic survey of maize biodiversity and evolution in South America STFC 15 Sep 2016 14 Mar 2017