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Prof. Mike Lord

Job Title
Recognised Researcher
Life Sciences
Research Interests

Our research group is interested in elucidating molecular details of the cellular uptake of ricin Shiga-like toxin and other protein synthesis inhibiting toxins, and of using these proteins as tools to study certain intracellular transport processes in mammalian, yeast and plant cells.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Mechanisms of Target Cell Entry and Applications of Protein Toxins Wellcome Trust 01 Mar 2007 28 Feb 2012
Co-operative Research for the Development of Vaccines, Adjuvants, Thereapeutics (Cell Responses to and Proteins Exploited by .....) National Institutes of Health 01 Aug 2005 28 Feb 2010
Selective chemical intervention in membrane trafficking - designing interfacial inhibitors specific to Arf1/Arf=GEF complexes. BBSRC 01 Jan 2007 31 Dec 2009
Cellular Intoxication by Ricin Department of Health 01 Jan 2005 31 Dec 2007
Structure, Stability & Molecular Interactions In Biological Systems BBSRC 01 Sep 2005 31 May 2006
Genetic analysis of ricin action Department of Health 01 Mar 2004 01 Mar 2005
The interaction of ricin in chain with biological membranes DTI 01 Jul 2004 31 Dec 2004
Real time PCR & high throughput sequencing facilities for biomedical research, microbiology and cell biology BBSRC 01 Oct 2003 30 Jun 2004
Identifying components of the yeast ERAD pathway and their interaction with toxic substrate BBSRC 01 Dec 2003 29 Feb 2004