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Napier Group Alumni

  • Dr Martin Kubes; Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow. Starting 01 August 2018. Project; Structure and function of PIN proteins.
  • Dr Justyna Prusinska. Corteva Agriscience. Auxin binding. Currently working in a biotechnology company in Cambridge, UK.
  • Dr Veselina Uzunova; BBSRC post-doctoral researcher. Thermodynamics and the mechanism of auxin binding.
  • Dr Mussa Quareshy; BBSRC and MIBTP-funded research student. Congratulations! PhD awarded 2017. Project; Drug discovery for novel auxins. - View Mussa Quareshy's profile on Linked in 
  • Dr Victor Quan; MOAC-supported PhD student jointly supervised with Prof Rachel O'Reilly and Dr Vas Stavros in Chemistry. Congratulations! PhD awarded 2017. Project; Self-assembling, porphyrin-containing polymers
  • Alex Fullwood; PhD student jointly supervised with Dr Christophe Corre. Project; Binding of natural metabolites to bacterial transcriptional repressors as tools for synthetic biology. Graduated 2019, congratulations!
  • Dr Li, Jun; Visiting academic fellow from Nanjing Agricultural University, PR China. Expertise; Resistance to auxin herbicides
  • Dr Gaurav Singh; Visiting academic fellow, Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Now a post-doctoral scientist in Strasbourg.
  • Fangfang Zhang; PhD student defended successfully August 2019. Well done!
  • Dr Ashutosh Tripathi (structure and activity of AUX1): Commonwealth Academic Fellow. From Allahabad, India
  • Dr Ailidh Woodcock (SUMOylation of DELLAs): PhD student with Dr Ari Sadanandom (University of Durham), currently working at BBSRC.
  • Dr Sarah Lee (auxin-binding to TIR1); currently at the University of Birmingham
  • Dr Shanthy Sundaram (structure and activity of TIR1); Commonwealth Research Fellowship. Currently Professor & Coordinator, Centre for Biotechnology, Nehru Science Complex, University of Allahabad, India.
  • Marta Kowalska (cytokinin biosensor); from the lab of Prof Ivo Frebort, Olomouc University, Czech Republic