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Group members

Current members and visitors of the group:

Dr Sinchan Banerjee, PDRA funded by NERC project on CO oxidation by phyllosphere microbiota. (2023-2026)

Nello Gregori, PhD student (funded by NERC CENTA, 2019-2023). Organic sulfur cycling in polar regions.

Letizia Pondini, PhD student (funded by NERC CENTA, 2019-2023). Green urban infrastructure and microbial pollutant degradation. CASE studentship co-funded by the Royal Horticultural Society (co-supervisors Prof Gary Bending and Dr Tijana Blanusa, University of Reading).

Wenxin Bai, PhD student (Chancellors International Studentship, Warwick, 2020-2024). DMSO metabolism in sulfate-reducing bacteria.

Edina Prondvai, PhD student (co-supervisor Prof Gary Bending and Prof James Covington, funded by NERC CENTA, 2022-2026).

Tudor Stafioiu, Masters by Research. Carbon monoxide cycling by microorganisms associated with vegetation. (2023-24)

Allen Gao, PhD student. Moss methanotroph communities (2023-2027).

Alex Di Giovanni, Mbio student (Characterisation of satellite bacteria of polar marine microalgae, 2022-2023).

Former group members, co-supervised students and visitors:

Dr Alison Webb, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, NERC project: "SIMBRICS - Sea ice microbiology and the role in cycling of sulfur" (2019-2022).

Emily Sanderson, Mbio student. Osmolyte metabolism in Marinomonas spp. (2022-23)

Dr Katie Endersby, PhD student (co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof Gary Bending, funded by BBSRC CASE with Astra Zeneca, 2018-2022). Environmental persistence of chemicals.

Dr Charlotte Gruender, PhD student (funded by SynBio CDT, 2018-2021). Cryptic microbial organosulfur cycling.

Dr Deborah Bozzato, visiting researcher from the University of Groningen, NL. (February - March 2022).

Eve Murray, MBio student. Carbon monoxide cycling in the phyllosphere. (Oct 2021 - May 2022).

Dr Jessica Palmer, Postdoctoral Resarch Assistant, NERC project: "Is bacterial DMS consumption dependent on methylamines in marine waters?" (2019-2021). PhD student (funded by NERC CENTA, 2015-2019). "Exploring the taxonomic and functional diversity of tree phyllosphere microbiota". MBio student (2014/15) Project: Functional diversity of tree phyllospheres (2014/15).

Lucy Speight, Mbio student (2018-2019). Pollutant degrading microorganisms associated with mosses.

Dr Chris O'Grady, PhD student (MIBTP funded, 2016-2019). Soil surface microbial communities.

Dr Richard Fetherston, PhD student. Comparative genomics of bacteria degrading methylated sulfur compounds (funded by NERC CENTA, 2014-2018).

Dr Jason Stephenson, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, NERC project: Microbial DMSO degradation in the marine environment.

Dr Yijun Zhu, PhD student (co-supervised, main supervisor Dr Yin Chen). Molecular genetics and biochemistry of methylamine metabolism, funded by BBSRC-MiBTP and Warwick Chancellor's international Scholarship. (2012-2016).

Dr Eileen Kröber, PhD student. Environmental genomics and functional diversity of plant-associated microbial dimethylsulfide degradation in costal salt marshes. For further information, see Eileen's e-portfolio. (NERC-funded)

Dr Mark Day, PhD 2015 (co-supervised, main supervisor Dr Gary Bending). The biodegradation of crop protective products (CPPs) at the soil surface. (BBSRC-CASE with Syngenta).

Dr Andrew King, PhD 2014 (co-supervised, main supervisor Dr Gary Bending). Interactions between river bed morphology, water chemistry and microbial diversity and its impact on pollutant biodegradation. (NERC CASE with Unilever)

Dr Jennifer Pratscher, postdoctoral researcher. Making and breaking DMS by salt marsh microbes - populations and pathways, revealed by stable isotope probing and molecular techniques. (NERC project 2012-2014)

Dr Lawrence Davies (co-supervised, main supervisor Dr Gary Bending). PhD 2013. The Effect of Light on Crop Protection Product Degradation and Soil Microbial Community Structure. (BBSRC CASE with Syngenta)

Dr Agnieszka Kowalczyk (co-supervised, main supervisor Dr Gary Bending). PhD 2013. Role of microbial adaptation in biodegradation of chemical pollutants: extrapolation from laboratory to rivers. (Funded by Unilever)

Dr Sophie Mazard, postdoctoral researcher. Making and breaking DMS by salt marsh microbes - populations and pathways, revealed by stable isotope probing and molecular techniques. 2011-2012.

Dr Natalia Myronova, postdoctoral researcher. Biochemistry of methanethiol oxidase. (Funder: BBSRC)

Dr Özge Eyice. PhD 2012. Diversity and activity of microorganisms degrading methylated sulphur compounds in terrestrial environments
and postdoctoral research 2013. Stable Isotope Probing-metagenomics of river microbial populations degrading the aromatic pollutant para-nitrophenol (PNP).

Motonobu Namura. MSc 2011. Identification of dimethylsulphide degrading microbial populations in a freshwater environment using 13C2-DMS stable isotope probing (SIP).

Adam Cuthbertson. MSc Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate 2011. Profiling of microbial populations involved in methanethiol degradation.

Dr Jacqueline Chan. PhD 2010. Bacteriophages of marine Roseobacters. (BBSRC-funded)

Dr Rich Boden. PhD 2009. Metabolism of dimethylsulfide in the Bacteria. (NERC-funded)