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Professor Jim Beynon: Host-pathogen Interactions Group

Jim Beynon

Professor Jim Beynon
Host-Pathogen Interactions Group Leader

School of Life Sciences
Stratford campus
Tel: 024 7657 5141


Meet The Team

Professor Jim Beynon Group Leader
Dr Jens Steinbrenner Post-doc
Dr Daniel Tome Post-doc
Mrs Rachel Clewes Technician

Miss Sarah Harvey

Mrs Tina Payne



Miss Mary Tetlow PhD student  

Current Research Projects

Current Projects

  • What are the roles of oomycete RxLR effectors in the establishment of plant disease (BBSRC)
  • The Contribution of Phytophthora effectors to host range and non-host resistance

The Downy Mildew/Arabidopsis Interaction

Crop plants are under constant threat from infectious disease which result in large yield losses. To combat this plant breeders make use of naturally occurring resistance genes that prevent specific strains of the disease from invading. The only alternative to this is the use of chemicals to prevent the disease from developing. My programme of work is aimed at reaching a fundamental understanding of the mechanism of plant resistance and the methods used by the pathogen to overcome that resistance. Through this understanding we aim to reveal new routes to provide novel sources of genetic resistance to plant breeders and reveal new targets for the development of new agrochemicals.


Arabidopsis is a remarkable plant that has seen massive investment over the past decade in an attempt to understand how plants work. To this end the whole genome has been sequenced revealing all the genes present in a plant for the first time. This has lead to the development of many tools with which to analyse their function. We have cloned several disease resistance genes from Arabidopsis. These genes vary greatly in structure between different accessions of Arabidopsis. This suggests that these genes are under pressure to change their structure in order to recognise pathogen proteins that are changing to avoid detection. This variation is akin to an "arms race" between host and pathogen.

Jim Beynon with Arabidopsis

Professor Beynon with a flowering Arabidopsis plant

peronospora on Arabidopsis

The underside of a downy mildew infected Arabidopsis plant

Downy Mildew

Downy mildew is a naturally occurring disease of Arabidopsis that can be found on plants growing in the wild in the UK and around the world. It is related to highly destructive crop disease such as potato blight and a new disease of trees. We have developed this as a model system with which to study how these organisms invade their hosts. We are leading an international project to sequence the genome of this pathogen to identify the genes the pathogen uses to suppress the defence mechanisms of Arabidopsis.

Using genetic approaches we have cloned several pathogen genes that trigger host resistance. Once again these are highly variable proteins confirming that an "arms race" is indeed in progress between host and pathogen. We have identified structures in these proteins that are similar to structures found in proteins in the malaria parasites that allow these proteins to enter mammalian blood cells. This suggests that plant and human pathogens have similar mechanisms for targeting their pathogenicity proteins into their host cells.

Selected Publications

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