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Raven's Master Project

Effectors targeting the chloroplast

Raven is a Master's student at the University of Warwick and he decided to join our group for his final project. In particular, Raven joined the PhD student Laura, investigating the role of effectors and the effect on chloroplasts, working on the model system Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato and Arabidopsis thaliana 

“I felt so honoured to join Prof. Murray Grant’s research group to finish my master's degree project.

I have worked daily in C46 lab, and I have joined the weekly Lab Meeting / Journal Club and Lab Party activities, feeling like being in a big family. My precious time in the group has taught me a lot, teaching me how to engage in a new lab system and giving me opportunities to acquire research skills. I feel very thankful for Laura’s guidance during my project and everyone in the lab for their help.

I hope to be able to use what I have learnt in the near future, to boost my future study and career!” – Raven

The project covered different lab techniques such as DNA extraction, PCR for genotyping, infiltration, phenotyping using FluorImager cameras, bacteria growth curves but also plant management activities such as sowing and pricking.

“It was great to work with Raven, he produced interesting results and I will definitely carry on the project as part of my PhD. I wish good luck to Raven in his future career!” – Laura

Here you can see a photo of Arabidopsis just before being infiltrated.

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