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Plant & Agricultural Biosciences - About Us

About the Cluster

As one of the UK's largest groups of plant and crop scientists, our multidisciplinary research expertise is broad and extends from the molecular level through to the field, with a major driver being to address food and nutritional security in a changing environment.

Our research is enabled by world-class facilities in proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and imaging for frontiers research, through to a unique glasshouse and field research facilities hosting expertise in plant pathology, and integrated pest management. This is complemented by extensive protected cropping and field facilities, including quarantine fields, that enable fundamental research on a range of crops through to collaborative research with growers and industrial partners. This infrastructure facilitates the breadth of research necessary to understand fundamental plant biology, address the challenge of food production in a changing climate, and to work collaboratively across scales and with growers and other industry stakeholders. Our aims are to promote sustainable agricultural systems through distinctive and scholarly research, develop innovative technology to help build long-term growth in a thriving bioeconomy, and to disseminate knowledge for the benefit of users and producers of food alongside the wise use of natural resources.

Research expertise covers molecular and traditional plant pathology, genetics and genomics, microbiome interactions, epigenetics, integrated pest management, insect biology, proteomics, metabolomics, plant imaging at scales, synthetic biology and microbiology.

PAS Objectives

- Undertake research into fundamental, strategic and applied crop and plant science.

- Develop and enhance sustainable approaches to food production, food security and food system.

- Maintain and exploit germplasm collections in the UK Vegetable Gene Bank for crop improvement.

- Apply new genetic technologies and other tools for improved crop varieties through the Elizabeth Creak Horticulture Technology Centre.

- Develop public and private partnerships in crop research.

- Train the next generation of plant biologists and crop scientists.

- Continue to exploit and develop laboratory, field and genetic facilities and resources at the Gibbet Hill and Wellesbourne campuses.