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JTS150 - Joliot type spectrophotometer

The JTS-150 is powerful, Joliot-type spectrophotometer for photosynthesis studies. It combines analyses of variable fluorescence and pump-probe absorption measurements to study sub-microsecond photosynthetic electron transfer reactions.

Our JTS-150 is configured with a smart lamp and filters to measure PSII, PSI, cytochrome b6f and plastocyanin redox kinetics. We will be adding electrochromatic shift measurements in the near future. This instrument is also coupled to the Qubit G400 gas mixing system to allow precise control of the gas composition in the measuring cell.

More information on the JTS-150.

This equipment is open to use to all researchers in the UK. To make an enquiry please contact Dr. Richard Puxty.

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This resource was supported by NERC capital equipment grant NE/T008962/1