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Training: education and skills

We offer training for PhD students in cell sorting, as part of the MIBTP PhD training programme.


This is a one day master class that will introduce the power of Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting for separating and analysing complex multicellular systems.

From analysis of stochasticity in cancerous cell type populations to isolation of rare plant cell types, FACS is diversely useful. The masterclass will include a discussion of how FACS could be used in your own doctoral research.


Morning Lectures:
Cell sorting

Technical introduction to flow cytometry and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) with the use of e-learning materials that you can revisit. This will cover: setting up the FACS machine, analyzing marker genes in cells and cell sorting; determining experimental conditions: which cells can you sort, how to distinguish and collect cells (size; fluorescence; 2 vs 4 way sorting; cell types vs single cell collection in 96 well plate).

Morning Hands-on workshop:

Protoplast generation from Arabidopsis GFP-expressing leaves and Medicago GFP-expressing roots.

Afternoon Hands-on workshop:

Setting up the FACS machine for protoplast sorting; collecting and verifying sorted cells using confocal microscopy.

Afternoon Lectures:

Uses of FACS in plant science research: tissue, cell type and single cell analysis. Cutting-edge examples of studies combining FACS with transcriptomics and proteomics. Discussion of FACS for your research.

Please bring your lab coat to this masterclass.

Dates: TBC (depending on social distancing)
Time: 9.30am - 4:30pm

Max no of students per day: 3-6 (6 for online version of the workshop)

Masterclass contact: Miriam Gifford

Masterclass location to start the day: University of Warwick - Room B176 or BSR6