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Lab Instrument

Dionex Ultimate 3000-LC/Q ToF MS (Impact II, Bruker)

Agilent GC
Agilent GC 7890A (FID/TCD, autosampler)

Metrohm IC 881 & autosampler
(Cation-exchange, funded by Royal Society)

Dionex Ultimate 3000-LC/MS (amaZon SL, Bruker, coupled with a Beta-Ram
radiochromatography detector, funded by NERC capital investment award 2013)

Real Time PCR

Real-time PCR (Bio-rad CFX96)

PCR machine (Bio-rad 2 * 96)

Microplate reader (Bio-rad, IMark, various filters)

Fermenter unit (Electrolab * 3)

anaerobic workstation

Anaerobic Workstation (Don Whitley Scientific)

Benchtop centrifuge (Eppendorf 5804R)

Bio-rad D-Code system for gel electrophoresis

Bio-rad Gene Pulser Electroporation Porator System


SANYO -80 freezer

French Press

French Pressure Cell Press

Protein/ DNA gel electrophoresis systems (Bio-rad)

DNA/RNA-SIP facilities
(including digital refractometer Reichert AR200)