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Public Science Evenings


Tuesday 18 June 2019 - 'Exoplanets and life: are we alone?'
Join us for our final public science evening of the 2018/19 academic year! This will focus on the possibility of life throughout the universe, and explore the requirements necessary for life to exist. These talks will discuss habitable zones, exoplanets, the chemistry of life and much more. Please register to attend




Beer and fodder crop has been deteriorating for 6000 years

Field of sorghum

The diversity of the crop Sorghum, a cereal used to make alcoholic drinks, has been decreasing over time due to agricultural practice. To maintain the diversity of the crop and keep it growing farmers will need to revise how they manage it. According to Professor Allaby and colleagues, different groups of sorghums have ‘rescued’ each other from damage, giving insight into how such crops could be rescued in the future.
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Athena SWAN


The School of Life Sciences has been recognised for its commitment to Athena SWAN in the achievement of a Silver Award in 2018.

as_rgb_silver_award_copy.jpg"Athena SWAN is a central component of our culture and working practice and we continue to champion the development of a science department that provides collegiality and transparency to ensure equal opportunities for all"
Head of School, Professor Lorenzo Frigerio

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