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Bioanalyzer and Qubit Service

Agilent Bioanalyser

The Agilent Bioanalyzer gives a qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of RNA integrity. It can also be used to examine DNA and proteins.

Bioanalyzer instrument
Bioanalyzer data
bioanalyzer trace example
Bioanalyser Service

The Genomics Facility will run your samples on our Bioanalyzer. We offer the following services:

  • DNA 1000 (0.1-50ng/ul)
  • RNA Nano (5-500ng/ul)
  • RNA Pico (50-5000pg/ul)
  • DNA High Sensitivity (5-500pg/ul)

Please contact us for details.

Bioanalyser - Open Access

We also have a Bioanalyser instrument that is available for your own use. Please provide your own consumables and book a time slot via the 'Instrument Booking' page.

Qubit instrument


We offer Qubit DNA and RNA measurements as a service on request.

The Qubit instrument is also available for users who have their own reagents.

Nanodrop instrument


The NanoDrop Spectrophotometer will read absorbance spectra from 230nm - 600nm giving a quantitative assessment of both nucleic acids and proteins from as little as 1┬ÁL of sample. No cuvette is necessary.

There are three departmental NanoDrop Spectrophotometers available for use free of charge. Their locations are:

  • Lab C030, access to this lab is restricted (Nanodrop 1000)
  • Genomics lab, access to this lab is available at all times (NP60)
  • Instrument room, D4, access to this lab is available to all times (NP60)