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Chemidoc MP Gel Imager

Chemidoc instrument

The ChemiDoc system is located in the Genomics Facility lab at Gibbet Hill (C008) and is a communal piece of equipment available to all.

The imaging system is a full-feature instrument for imaging and analysing gels and western blots. It is designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, general gel documentation applications, and stain-free technology imaging needs.

If you wish to use this instrument, please book your time slot using the instrument booking calendar.

More information on this system can be found at:

Access to Saved Images

If you would like to save an image to a shared drive, to be accessed from your ITS managed computer, please follow the below instructions.

·Select the image

·Select ‘send/save’ → ‘Save to Network…’

·Enter the path \\\Shared269\ChemiDoc

·Select ‘Connect’ or ‘Save to folder’

·Enter username ads\fs_chemidoc

·Enter password a2kq?!qhsIZ9 (note: I is uppercase i)

·Select ‘OK’

Please email to be given access to the shared folder to view your images.

Image Lab - analysis software

You can download Image Lab analysis software from the BioRad website, you just need to register and be logged in:

There are both PC and Mac versions available. The image below shows the section to access the download.

download info
Image Lab Tutorial

Please see the Bio-Rad software tutorial at

Image Lab Training.mp4