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Plasmid and Microbe Sequencing

Plasmidsaurus (SNPsaurus) - full length plasmid sequencing

There is a dropbox in place at SLS stores for those who wish to send samples to Plasmidsaurus. This means users will no longer have to organise shipping individually and the shipping will be free of charge. TWICE-WEEKLY COLLECTIONS WILL BE 10am ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS.

To submit samples for this service users will first need to raise a PO in OPeRA for the required service (a Non-Catalog order using SNPsaurus as the supplier and the details in the chart below. NB Materials Group should be entered as 74602 - External Services - Outwork), then please follow the instructions below.

Submission instructions;

1. Make an account at (scan QR code below) and submit an order

2. Label your strip tubes as in the photo below (detailed instruction are on the Plasmidsaurus website)

3. Wrap tube caps with parafilm, then place into a Falcon tube or small vessel for protection

4. Place samples along with your order confirmation into the dropbox.


Standard -

Plasmid (2.5-25kb)

or linear/amplicon (600bp-25kb)

$15 30ng/ul in ≥ 10ul

Big - 

Plasmid (25-125kb)

or linear/amplicon (25-125kb)

$30 50ng/ul in ≥ 20ul

Huge - 

Plasmid (125-300kb)

$60 50ng/ul in ≥ 40ul

Standard -

Microbial Genome (up to 7Mb)

$90 100ng/ul in ≥ 50ul

Huge -

Microbial Genome (7 - 12Mb)

$105 100ng/ul in ≥ 50ul
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