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Reading Seminar on THH and TC

The aim of the seminar is to understand Nikolaus and Scholze's formalism for topological Hochschild homology THH and topological cyclic homology TC.

We meet on Wednesdays at 16:00 in room B3.01. The program of the seminar with a short description of the talks can be found here. Notes of the talks are linked to each title, courtesy of Matteo Barucco.

Date Title Speaker
Oct 9 Overview Emanuele Dotto
Oct 16 Introduction to infinity categories Scott Balchin
Oct 23 Ring spectra Emanuele Dotto
Oct 30 The construction of THH Marco Schlichting
Nov 6 THH(F_p) John Greenlees
Nov 13 Cyclotomic spectra and TC Emanuele Dotto
Nov 20 No seminar (Dept. Meeting)  
Nov 27 TC(F_p) Matteo Barucco
Dec 4 TC of spherical group-rings Igor Sikora