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Reading group on Higher Algebraic K-theory

The goal of this reading group is to introduce the theory of higher algebraic K-theory both through Waldhausen's S-dot construction and Quillen's Q-construction, and understanding the connection between these, aswell as proving some of the fundemental theorems in algebraic K-theory.

We will meet Wednesday at 2-4pm during term 2, in B.3.01. Here is an overview of the talks, and a more detailed description.

Date Talk Speaker Notes
Jan 12 Introduction Julie Rasmusen Talk 1
Jan 19 Waldhausen S-dot construction Thomas Read Talk 2
Jan 26 Additivity theorem David Tintinago Pinzon Talk 3
Feb 2 Consequences of the additivity theorem I Daniel Marlowe Talk 4
Feb 9 Consequences of the additivity theorem II Hannah MacDermott Talk 5
Feb 16 Quillen's Q-construction Dhruva Divate  
Feb 23 Monoidal categories and localization Daniel Marlowe Talk 7
Mar 2 A quasifibration in localization Julie Rasmusen Talk 8
Mar 9 K-theory through localization David Tintinago Pinzon Talk 9
Mar 16 The K-theory of stable $\infty$-categories Julie Rasmusen Talk 10