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Debrief 2011

Peter Rowlett's talks are on video here:

'Innovation in mathematics HE teaching & learning':

'Technology in mathematics HE teaching & learning':

Around half the delegates said they had had conversations which helped their research, and around 40% had met other researchers with whom they may collaborate in the future.

Here are some of the comments from the feedback forms:

"I really enjoyed the conference and was very impressed by it. The YRM is a much bigger event I think and is run completely by the young researchers - as far as I could see? -- which makes for a fantastic atmosphere. " Keynote speaker

"It was an extremely successful conference, with a level of excitement and commitment unusual for such a large conference." Keynote speaker

"It seemed as if there was a wonderful atmosphere and the large number of participants was very impressive. You certainly had top quality speakers... " Keynote speaker

"It seems clear that, with this level of support and enthusiasm, YRM is here to stay" Keynote speaker

"Very high standard of talks" Keynote speaker re PhD student talks.

"Discussing my talk with others inspired me to prove an extension." Delegate

"The committee have done an absolutely fantastic job and should feel very proud! This has been a hugely enjoyable and very useful conference for me. Maybe if the 'Where has maths taken you' happens again more time for questions from the audience, plus a photographer. " Delegate

"discussions in coffee breaks that have helped to make things clearer" Delegate

"YRM 2011 is great, enjoyed so much. Food was excellent." Delegate

"Good talks, plenty of opportunity to talk to others. Might be good to have "subject" socials to get to better know those in nearby area. Met plenty of friendly people, there weren't so many people in my area, so encouraging more analysts to come along would be good." Delegate

"It was a great experience. I enjoyed all the talks. Food was excellent" Delegate

"The length of talks was perfect - long enough to get into the detais of my work." Delegate

"discussed interpretations of some of my work" Delegate

"I love the comics in the posters. Keep doing them! And the good humour in general. Keep coffee available at all times." Delegate

"Met some PhD students who work in my research area, from other UK universities." Delegate

"had some really great chats about maths more or less related to my research - but all of them really worthwhile. Great you got Hitchins to give a talk!" Delegate

"one of the organisers invited me to attend YRM2011 and we had a very interesting conversation about gene regulatory networks (also very fruitful feedback after my talk)" Delegate

"Came here to talk to my collaborator; also met someone doing similar work." Delegate

"One particular talk touched on my research and some interesting conversation were had regarding this afterwards" Delegate

"Always great to attend talk "for and from" students. Good planning of the breaks and food times. Very good food also. Thanks a lot!" Delegate

"feeling more confident as to where we are at. A sort of cameraderie." Delegate

"panel discussion about 'where has maths taken you' was very good and could have been more compact and longer. I would find it interesting to attend in Bristol as well with different panelists" Delegate

"sitting around with grad mathmaticians = work gets done :-) " Delegate

"I have met people and listened to talks that will be directly responsible for my reading and learning (& maybe entering research) about these areas" Delegate

"excellent keynote talk by Martin Bridson." Delegate