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Random walks on graphs and potential theory

Warwick, 18-22 May 2015

Organiser: Agelos Georgakopoulos
Co-organiser: David Croydon

Random walks on graphs are studied in many contexts, including analysis, computer science, group theory, and of course probability and graph theory. This meeting will gather experts from all these fields, in order to emphasise the breadth of the topic and facilitate interactions.

Invited speakers:

Omer Angel (UBC)
Márton Balázs (Bristol)
Johannes Carmesin (Hamburg/Cambridge)
Ronen Eldan (University of Washington)
Ori Gurel-Gurevich (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Antoine Gournay (Neuchatel)
Ben Hambly (Oxford)
Vadim Kaimanovich (University of Ottawa)
Daniel Lenz (Jena)
Peter Moerters (Bath)
Thomas Sauerwald (Cambridge)
Alessandro Sisto (ETH)
Perla Sousi (Cambridge)
Stephan Wagner (Stellenbosch)
Anita Winter (Duisburg-Essen)
Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz)
Alex Zhai (Stanford)

Schedule Abstracts


Open problem collection


Márton Balázs (Bristol): Electric network for non-reversible Markov chains

Antoine Gournay (Neuchatel): The reduced l^p-cohomology in degree 1 and harmonic functions

Ben Hambly (Oxford): Asymptotics for spectra and heat kernels for some random fractals

Konrad Kolesko (Wroclaw): Almost sure pointwise fluctuation of critical Mandelbrot cascades

Peter Morters (Bath): Robustness of spatial preferential attachment networks

Thomas Sauerwald (Cambridge): Multiple Random Walks: Cover Times, Hitting Times and Applications

Vladislav Vysotskiy (Imperial College London/Arizona State/St. Petersburg Division of Steklov Institute): On hitting times of bounded sets by random walks

Stephan Wagner (Stellenbosch): Loop models on a fractal

Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz): Quasi-isometries of graphs and groups, random walks, and harmonic functions

Alex Zhai (Stanford): Exponential concentration of cover time




Funded by EPSRC, LMS, and a Warwick IPF grant.

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