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IMC Problem Solving Seminar 2016-17

This seminar is open to everyone at Warwick interested in problem-solving. One of objectives is to select and prepare Warwick's team for the 24th International Mathematical Competition (IMC) that will take place 31 July - 6 August 2017 in Bulgaria. We expect to have six training sessions and three selection tests (1-2pm on Wednesdays in B3.03) as follows:

  • 18 Jan: Oleg Pikhurko "Matchings in graphs"
  • 25 Jan: Oleg Pikhurko "Matchings in graphs 2" (handout)
  • 1 Feb: Test 1
  • 8 Feb: Hong Duong "Inequalities" (Inequalities)
  • 15 Feb: Wojciech Ożański "Real analysis" (handout; please have a go at problems 5-8, see here for the solutions)
  • 22 Feb: Test 2
  • 1 Mar: Matthew Fitch "Probability" (handout)
  • 8 Mar: Hong Duong "Matrices" (handout)
  • 15 Mar: Test 3

The Mathematics Department will cover the travel and registration expenses of the selected team. If you would like to be considered for the team, you have to come to as many as possible sessions (ideally to all). Undergraduates (from any department) as well as 4th year students (such as MMath, MASt, and MSc) are eligible provided they have completed at most 4 years of university education by July 2017.

No prior registration is required; just turn up for the first session. No credit will be awarded for taking the seminar.

Further information will be added here in due time. As an extra preparation for the seminar, we recommend solving past problems (available online with solutions) from the following competitions:

Good luck!

Hong Duong
Matthew Fitch
Wojciech Ożański
Oleg Pikhurko (OP's office hours are 3-4pm on Wed in B2.12 Zeeman)