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Leading Lights 2016

Professor Lesley Roberts

Professor Lesley Roberts







Date: 22 June 2016

Location: Lecture Theatre, Medical Teaching Centre.

Time: A welcome reception will take place in the MTC Common Room at 11.30am. The lecture will start at 12.00pm.

The A to Z of the Accidental Medical Educator

Professor Lesley Roberts, Pro Dean (Education) at Warwick Medical School, will be exploring how a broad research career established the values and approaches she uses in the management and development of medical education. Taking us through the alphabet from anaemia to Zambian healthcare, Lesley reflects on central lessons from a broad academic career and how these apply to learning and teaching and student support.

She will explain how the key elements of enquiry which underpin her research translate to the challenges of medical education and will explore the challenges Universities face in fostering the future generation of medical and healthcare educators.