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With outstanding expertise, techniques and facilities at our fingertips, WMS has a reputation for research excellence. Our researchers investigate solutions to global health challenges. WMS research is configured into three divisions; Biomedical Sciences (BMS), Health Sciences (HS) and Clinical Trials (CTU).

Biomedical Sciences

The Division of Biomedical Sciences provides a platform to deliver world-class discovery science, acts as a hub for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research across the University and supports our ambition to further develop translational medicine programmes in partnership with the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire (UHCW). We are home to ~40 principal investigators and clinical academics alongside 200 research fellows, PhD students and supporting staff.


Clinical Trials Unit

Warwick Clinical Trials Unit is a strong, vibrant and enthusiastic team who deliver world-class clinical trials which transform the lives of patients. Our multi-professional teams value integrity, excellence, collaboration, respect, innovation, efficiency and courage. We champion diversity and prioritise our teams’ wellbeing, creating a rich environment for the development of the next generation of research leaders. We work closely with our regional NHS partners to deliver a portfolio of internationally excellent research.


Health Sciences

The Division of Health Sciences works across disciplines integrating psycho-social, organisational and bio-medical perspectives in our research and teaching. Our research focus is on the design and evaluation of interventions (behavioural, medical, technological and organisational), plus how the application of knowledge in these areas changes clinical practice and ultimately health outcomes. Our research includes applied health services research, methodological development and evidence synthesis, and our expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods informs understanding of physical health, mental wellbeing, social care and nursing, and patient and public involvement in research.

Research Strategy

In 20 years, Warwick Medical School has built a reputation for excellence in Interdisciplinary Science. We support research in:

  • Quantitative cell biology and reproductive medicine
  • Late phase clinical trials
  • Health systems improvement (both in the UK and globally)
  • Mental health
  • Technology enabled healthcare in chronic diseases

This ground-breaking interdisciplinary research impacts locally, nationally and internationally.

Looking ahead, we aim to establish research centres for Early Life, Precision Diagnostics, and Translational Clinical Mechanobiology and we will also seek to develop national capacity for training clinical academics in the related clinical discipline areas that are less well represented nationally.

Research Impact

At Warwick Medical School, we focus on maintaining and improving health in the UK and around the world. Honesty, integrity, openness and professionalism define us. We never stop seeking new partners who can help our patients. Working with the Wellcome Trust, we're changing medical culture and investing in new ways to combat disease. Charities, NGOs and the NHS all gain from our commitment to excellence. Our work saves lives everyday. Take a look at our case studies to see our research at work.

Research Integrity

‘Research integrity’ refers to high quality and robust practice across the full research process, ie the planning and conduct of research, the recording and reporting of results, and the dissemination, application and exploitation of findings. The University of Warwick expects the highest standards in the conduct of all research undertaken in its name and on its premises using its facilities and you can find out more about our policies, codes of practice and more here.