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With outstanding expertise, techniques and facilities at our fingertips, WMS has a reputation for research excellence. Our researchers investigate solutions to global health challenges. WMS research is configured into three divisions; Biomedical Sciences (BMS, Health Sciences (HS) and Clinical Trials (CTU).

Research centres

Spearheading research that pushes the boundaries, WMS research centres and units are dedicated to seeking answers and applying this knowledge to transform people's lives.

Cancer Research Centre
Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology
Tommy's National Miscarriage Research Centre
Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery (WCAHRD) (including the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums)

Biomedical Sciences

Major human diseases including cancer, inflammation, neuro-degeneration and bacterial and viral infections are primarily diseases of cells.

Our Biomedical Sciences division focuses on understanding at a molecular level what happens to these cells. This work is essential for developing effective therapeutic treatments.


Health Sciences

Home to a range of academics, the Health Sciences division analyses social, psychological, organisational and bio-medical issues.

Our research focus is on designing and evaluating behavioural, medical, technological and organisational interventions. The aim is to improve clinical practice and ultimately health outcomes.