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Methods reporting

Microscope (Make, Model) Nikon Ti-Eclipse
Inverted or upright Inverted
Objective: manufacturer, magnification, numerical aperture, immersion, correction (if any)

Select the one/s used:

Nikon, 100x, 1.49, oil, CFI Apo TIRF

Nikon, 40x, 0.6, air, CFI Plan Apo

Nikon, 20x, 0.45, air, CFI Plan Fluor

Nikon, 10x, 0.5, air, CFI Plan Fluor

Light source(s)

Nikon Intensilight mercury lamp

Filters, dichroic mirrors, beam splitters

Select the one/s used:

Filter sets:

DAPI: ex 360/40, dm 400, ex 460/50

GFP: ex 480/30, dm 505, ex 535/40

mCherry: ex 560/40, dm 585, 630/75 channel set-up
Additional hardware used, e.g., stage motor, incubation chamber and set-up, Piezo stage or objective

Nikon Perfect Focus autofocus

Nikon motorised xy stage

Nikon 100 um z-piezo

Acquisition software and settings NIS-Elements, Micromanager
Camera manufacturer, model Andor iXon 3