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Implantation clinic

BRU BANNERThe Implantation Clinic at the Biomedical Research Unit in Reproductive Health, based at University Hospital, Coventry, is able to offer support, advice and cutting edge diagnostics for couples experiencing IVF failure and recurrent miscarriages.

The clinic is led by Professor Siobhan Quenby, Honorary Consultant Obstetrician, and Professor Jan Brosens, Honorary Consultant Gynaecologist, both leading researchers in the field of Implantation Failure.

Consultation and uNK Cell Levels Testing

Miscarriages and IVF treatment failure are very distressing events. In most cases, no apparent cause is found. Professor Quenby’s and Professor Brosens’ research has shown that some women who have miscarriages and implantation failures have too many uterine Natural Killer cells (uNK) in the lining of their womb (endometrium). We have found that a steroid drug, called Prednisolone, can decrease the number of uNK cells. Although a link is suggested, we do not yet know for certain whether Prednisolone stops miscarriage.

We have developed an accurate method of counting uterine NK cells using digital image analysis. We are offering a service where we can test your uNK cell levels by taking a small biopsy from the lining of your womb.

The clinic is therefore suitable for patients who have been unsuccessful in IVF treatment or at least one miscarriage.

The Biomedical Research Unit Implantation Clinic is an academic research clinic. It is staffed by academics and clinicians working for the UHCW and University of Warwick.