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Our Vision

Miscarriage and infertility are devastating conditions for many women and their partners.

Both conditions are often caused by failure of an embryo to implant successfully in the womb lining. The precise causes of miscarriage and implantation failure remain incompletely understood.

To address this gap in our knowledge, Professors Brosens and Quenby launched a dedicated Implantation Research Clinic at UHCW in 2012. Since then, we have provided care to thousands of couples from across the UK and abroad.

The clinic is supported by a large team of researchers, investigating embryo implantation and the early stages of pregnancy. Based on this knowledge, we have developed - and continue to develop - novel research tests and treatments to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The funds raised by the clinic support our ongoing research program.

Our aim is to pinpoint the defects in the womb lining that cause implantation failure and pregnancy loss. The test results inform which treatment is most effective in improving the womb lining for pregnancy.

Funded by Tommy's Baby Charity, we developed the Digital Endometrial Function Test- (d)EFT - which incorporates three measurements - click here to find out more.

Patient Information

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