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Important information

Please read the information below, and associated costs :

  • The (d)EFT and uNK cell tests require a small biopsy of the womb lining. Therefore, it is important that you are not pregnant when the procedure is performed. So, you must use barrier methods, such as condoms, or abstain from intercourse in the biopsy cycle. If a sample is taken whilst you are pregnant, it could cause a miscarriage, although the risk is low.
  • It is important to record the day of a positive ovulation test. Because the womb lining changes day by day, it is important for us to know when you ovulated. You can use a commercial ovulation test to record your peak fertility day. Ovulation tests do not work for everyone, in which case you can track your core body temperature using a wearable device, such as OvuSense or another fertility tracker device. For the most accurate timing, you can combine both methods.
  • The biopsy procedure will be explained to you in the clinic. First, the thickness of the womb lining will be measured by transvaginal ultrasound scanning. Taking a biopsy is a quick procedure, which can cause some spotting or mild bleeding. This is not uncommon and usually settles quickly after the procedure. The risk of damage to your womb during the procedure is minimal.

Cost of the initial consultation

Your first video consultation with Professor Brosens will cost £350. This payment is to be made at the time of booking the virtual consultation.

Costs of the digital endometrial function test

The (d)EFT package costs £700. Payment will be taken when you attend the biopsy clinic at UHCW. The (d)EFT package includes:

  • A blood test to measure your progesterone level
  • A transvaginal ultrasound scan and endometrial biopsy*
  • (d)EFT on two regions of the endometrial biopsy
  • uNK cell test. Three regions of the biopsy will be analysed
  • Follow-up video consultation to discuss results and treatment plan

*A repeat biopsy is £350.

Legal statement

The specialised tests offered by the Implantation Research Clinic are research tests. The results will guide the clinical team on the best course of treatment for you. Our research is ongoing and the data obtained from the tests will help to improve the clinical care of couples affected by miscarriage and infertility.


Patient Information

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